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Retromantisch | Retro and romantic fashion blog

Rowan de Haan Rowan de Haan – retromantisch.com

Retro and romantic fashion blog

Rowan de Haan

Rowan de Haan

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DIY: Pompon earrings

1 month ago
“Oooh, but I can make those myself,” was my first thought when I saw pom-pom (pompom, pompon, pom pom, pom pon? – help me out Wikipedia) earrings on Instagram. The only issue with making things yourself is that you actually need to make them… 😉 So, this DIY has been...

Outift: Who’s That Girl floral top

2 months ago
Together with my friend Elize I went for a walk and talk in the woods. This spot with white poles inspired us to jump, play leapfrog and balancing moments. Girls just wanna have fun! 😉 I hardly ever wear blue. But when I do, I combine it with pink haha....

Retro and sustainable fashion at I Love Vintage in Amsterdam

6 months ago
I love I Love Vintage, a retro shop in Amsterdam. Besides well known retro brands like Hell Bunny and Collectif, you can also visit this store for vintage accessories and their own sustainable collection Bannou. I’ve been regularly checking the website ever since the launch in 2006, but of course...

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