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Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran

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Our prince has arrived

1 week ago

Our little prince has finally arrived. I have been offline for a while and I’m not really blogging a lot yet, but I wanted to write something small about our little prince! Mason We call him Mason, and his second name is Sam (Mason Sam). Mason comes from “MAS” = “Mache And Sabine” and SON (our son). The same with Sam, that stands for Sabine And Mache. Of course we loved the name “Mason” in general! I texted the name to Mache, while he was at work, which I did a lot while being pregnant, thinking of names and sending them to Mache. Then he liked the name ‘Mason’ and I did too so we decided to call him Mason already when he was in my bump. We didn’t tell anyone however. It was a surprise for everyone. Mason is a wonderful little boy, he’s growing really well. Today he’s 2 weeks and 6 days. He weights 3750 gram already, we checked it yesterday! Almost 400 gram more since last week. He’s 52 cm tall already now. The breastfeeding is going really well, from start actually. It’s amazing to feed my son. It gives me so much joy, even though […]

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10 things I am longing for after the delivery | outfit

1 month ago

Do you know that feeling, just waiting and you can’t do anything to make the process go faster? I know that feeling, since I have it almost every day! I am dreaming of our son and 10 things I am longing for after the delivery. 10 things I am longing for after the delivery Get my ‘old’ body back! Or at least loose some weight! Including wearing my normal clothes from before and not having a big baby bump anymore. Walking, running, moving! I feel like a goose when I’m walking and I would love to move fast again. Cuddle all day. I have been talking so much about how much I am going to cuddle with our son! I can’t wait to hold him the first moments after the delivery. Kiss him everywhere! Get my pre pregnancy energy back. I know it will take a while, but eventually, I will feel like the old me after several weeks. I would love to feel energetic and less tired. Get my night rest again, oh wait, that won’t happen right? haha! No, that’s something I am longing for already now, but broken nights will surely go on right haha! At least […]

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Come baby come | outfit

1 month ago

Come baby come! Everyone is waiting for you! Come baby come Well here we are now, today already 39+1 weeks pregnant. The due date is a couple of days ahead. From being scared of pre-eclampsia and HELLP until about week 34 and an early born baby again, until now, wanting him to come out. It’s such a switch. He can take another 3 weeks if he wants and that’s ok, but it seems like the practicing contractions that I have are preparing my body more and more. Although it doesn’t say anything about when he will decide to come out. Inducing labor I don’t want to induce labor earlier than week 41-42 (as for now). The doctors say there is still a small risk for me to develop the pre-eclampsia, but if that will happen, we will induce labor right away. The good thing is, that there is no risk for the baby anymore. He is fully grown. Just a small risk (20%) for me to still get this pregnancy illness, like it has been the whole pregnancy. I don’t feel scared, we have come very far and I have experienced this pregnancy as a blessing. C-section A doctor offered […]

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