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Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran

Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran




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Healthy Snacks for Christmas

1 day ago

Eating a lot is what we all do with Christmas. Usually unhealthy! It’s great to let yourself go, but this year, I’m going to try to eat a bit more healthy snacks for Christmas! Here are my favorites and why! Healthy snacks for Christmas The reason I want to eat a bit more healthy, is because it took me some work to get rid of my pregnancy weight and I like to keep my body healthy now that I am breastfeeding. We eat more vegan or vegetarian at home and I try to make it easy for my husband to stay healthy by cooking healthier. So let me show you my favorite snacks for Christmas, maybe you’ll get inspired and otherwise, enjoy the unhealthy snacks as well! (It’s not like I am never eating sugar or fat, but I try to keep the balance here haha). 1. Green and Blacks – Premium chocolate, organic.  I hear you thinking, what is healthy about chocolate? Ok, it’s not the healthiest food in the list, but here’s why this is a better choice than just other chocolate. First of all, the cocoa is healthy for you! Fairtrade is always a better choice! Next […]

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Check your glasses before the end of the year

5 days ago

The year is ending, it’s December and I thought it was a good start of the New Year to have my old glasses checked. So I decided to check my prescription and found out, I had to change to a different prescription in my glasses. Something you don’t always think of and I thought to help you remember, since the year is almost over. Check your glasses So, if you need a different prescription in your glasses or if you just want new glasses for 2018, why not go to Polette? It’s so easy to check your glasses in a Polette store; do a prescription test there. Afterwards you can search for some glasses in the store on online on their website. I’ve ordered my new glasses on the website of Polette Eyewear. 71% of my instagram followers that did my poll, liked my glasses! So I am happy that I’m not the only one who likes them! The name of the frame is ‘Sully’ and the glasses are white together with golden details. The frame is light, a bit of a fashion statement, because it’s really showing! I think they look a bit Scandinavian, do you agree? I wore […]

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CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutique Stockholm

1 week ago

Good to see you back, to read more about the CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutique Stockholm! I was invited by CHANEL to the Press Event on the 30th of November. You’ve probably seen it on my instagram stories… Here is some CHANEL news for you and of course, my opinion about the CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutique in Stockholm! CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutique in Stockholm The new store is amazing! That was my first reaction when I was asked what I thought of the new store. The boutique is unique since it has make-up, perfume (also l’exclusives) and on top of that CHANEL sunglasses! This is really amazing! I had such a good time at the new @chanelofficial beauty boutique in Stockholm! Met so many amazing people at CHANEL! Had a great press event this morning with Mason (did you see my instastories?) 🎁 Made a big wish list for X-mas! In this beauty boutique, there are even CHANEL sunglasses 🕶 I am in love with this one! My lip color is a new kind of powder and balm duo lipstick (poudre lèvres)💄 Mat look and doesn’t come of when I kiss Mason or my husband! Perfect for me […]

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