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Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran

Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran




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Polka Dot | outfit

1 day ago

The Polka Dot is a huge trend according to Vogue. This winter season but as well the spring/summer season 2018, will be full of Polka Dot – inspired – looks! Polka Dot When I was a young girl, I had a blue dress with a white Polka Dot on it! This was my favorite dress ever! Of course growing out of it, as I was so young (maybe 7 years old?), I was very sad to become too big. Now that I am thirty (say what?) years old, the Polka Dot is fashion again and I think a good Polka Dot is always going to be trendy. I found a great marine blue Polka Dot dress with nude dots. It’s a bit more different than a simple white polka dot, which is a bit more basic. The dress has a deep V-shape which you see a lot the coming spring/summer. Perfect for me since I am still breastfeeding Mason. While it’s freaking cold in Sweden, this lovely satin dress isn’t that warm, so I’ve put a nude color leather look jacket on top. Layers are fun and warm! The jacket is a bit oversized. To get the 80’s look, you […]

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Koh Phangan | One night in Thailand

3 days ago

One of my dreams is to visit Thailand, one day. This is a big wish for years. Mache and I have talked a lot about visiting this country together with Mason and hopefully, in 2019 this dream may come true. However for now, we had one night in Thailand; we went to seriously, the best Thai restaurant in Stockholm, where I felt I was in Thailand (even though I have never been there haha)… The name of the restaurant is Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan The restaurant we have visited Saturday night is located in Södermalm (south of Stockholm). But this restaurant has a location in Östermalm and Uppsala (another city in Sweden). So a total of three restaurants. I visited the place in Östermalm as well, in summer, sitting outside on the terrace. The quality of the food was similar to me in both places. The food is just ALWAYS good. The service is always friendly and fast. Child friendly We were placed on a round table, where was some place to crawl for Mason, on top of the benches we were sitting on. This was such a good idea and super child-friendly of course! They have a special kids […]

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Long distance relationship

1 week ago

Ever heard of a long distance relationship? This is how my husband and I started. This was about five years ago. This is a special kind of relationship I must say, not everyone is capable of having this, but we found our way through it and the long distance relationship became a happy marriage. How our long distance relationship used to be, is something I tell you about today! Meeting up A long distance relationship has a long distance in between two loved ones. For us, this was Stockholm (Sweden) and Utrecht (the Netherlands). Sometimes, I met Mache (my husband) only one time in several weeks. Sometimes I met him three weekends in a row. Usually I took a plan right after work on Friday night and came back on Sunday right in time to start working on Monday again. Sometimes I work six days in a row, just to be off for three days and then working another six days in a row, because I had a bit of an irregular schedule. I worked in the weekends as well sometimes. Missed the plane in London One time, I traveled to London to meet up at the University of Cambridge. […]

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