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Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran

Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran




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Mason is four months

28 minutes ago

Baby Mason is four months today. Time for an update. Cherishing every moment with him! Mason is four months Pretty strange moment, when he turned four months today. As our firstborn daughter Féline never made the four months, she passed away just before. I felt that this effected me somehow. Realizing that Mason is older now and that all the experiences from now on, are going to be new to us. A new age and we will actually see him getting bigger and older. And that is so nice! I have dreamed a lot about Féline too and that it would’ve been so much fun to see them growing up together. Laughing at each other and taking pictures together to capture the moments. Baby swimming The first time we took Mason to an indoor pool was today! We went baby swimming with him on his ‘four months celebration’. It was so much fun! He loved the freedom in the water and all the space to swim. Both Mache and I held him in the water and played with him. He met several other babies and he likes to socialize. He liked the instructor of the baby group as well. We […]

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iPhone 8 in the pocket

1 day ago

I thought I had to share the fact that I have the iPhone 8 in the pocket! Every two year, I buy myself a new phone. I’m an apple addict to be honest. I wished I could buy a new Iphone every year, but that’s a bit too expensive in my opinion. iPhone 8 or iPhone X This time, it wasn’t so easy for me to decide which new iPhone I wanted. I saw the iPhone 8 on but I know there will be two new iPhones this autumn… The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (ten). I’ve been comparing them a bit, but there were two reasons why I chose the iPhone 8. 1. The iPhone 8 was released earlier and I didn’t want to wait any longer for a new phone. 2. The iPhone X is way more expensive than the iPhone 8. I could buy a (cheap) car for that amount of money haha! Because of that I live in Sweden, the phone is even more expensive than the rest of Europe. Colour The final decision to buy the iPhone 8 was made and now I had to choose which colour iPhone I wanted. I always have the white version. This […]

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Autumn foodies | Smakbox

3 days ago

Let’s see what I have received from Smakbox this time! In autumn I like to enjoy hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced cake or pie. But where did Smakbox surprise me with this time? Find out in this unboxing article! Autumn foodies What I love about Smakbox (taste box in English), is the magazine that I receive with the box. It has inspiring recipes with ingredients that I have received in the box of this month (October). Great pictures and how to make the autumn foodies! My personal favorites from the box are this time: Bönlasagna Eko from Risenta It’s lasagna made from beans! (36 kronor) Do the Detox – Tea from Lipton  (25 kronor) I like trying new Detox teas! It smells really fresh like mint. Two cans of Alcoholfree (0,0%) Heineken beer (22 kronor) As you know, I am Dutch, so this was a nice surprise. Next to that, I am breastfeeding and I don’t drink alcohol while breastfeeding our son. I’m not sure if I like Heineken beer, usually I drink ‘rosé beer’ in the Netherlands, but I have not found this type of beer in Sweden yet… Discount code Because I love to share food, I can share […]

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