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Sabine - so far so Sabine

Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran – sofarsosabine.com

Mommy, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran

Sabine J.F. Zaalberg Ozeran

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The New Swedish Fika | Choco Mania

2 months ago

About one year ago, I visited Choco Mania for the first time. Located in the Mall of Scandinavia. The owner told me back then that they would get a new interior and everything would be a new design. I was invited to come over and check it out. Of course I had to taste the New Swedish Fika (coffee with something sweet) again. This time, I wasn’t pregnant; we went as a family. Let’s see how that worked out. The new Choco Mania When we arrived, it was showing that this place is incredible popular. We had to wait for a seat. That’s nothing bad, because that can only mean that the place is successful right? Or that the mall is too full of people, haha, but believe me, with this hotspot, that’s not the case! Okay, after ordering a Swedish sweet dream fika full of good coffee, Belgium waffles and chocolate (this time even the chocolate fondue), we had absolutely no room for a proper dinner anymore. Such a sugar bomb! If you want to eat healthy, don’t go here. If you want to eat the best waffles in Stockholm together with Belgium chocolate, yes, follow me! Cheat day […]

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Voor Féline

3 months ago

Lief klein meisje van me, klein vergeten meisje soms. Nee, natuurlijk is mama je niet vergeten en zo velen ook niet! Toch is het leven en ons dagelijks leven niet meer om jou heen gebouwd. Niet meer zo intens als het was, vroeger, die 4 maanden lang in 2014. Die vier maanden lang, dat mama elke dag jouw verse melk kolfde. Dat papa dat dan naar jou toe bracht in het ziekenhuis elke ochtend ver. Met wallen van hier tot Tokio. Zodat de melk met een slangetje bij jou naar binnen ging. We sliepen amper, want we zaten vaak tot laat aan jouw bedje, zodat jij maar sliep, zoveel mogelijk met ons en wij bij jou aan je bedje. Tot het genoeg was en mama en papa zelf instorten rond 22, 23, misschien 24.00 uur. Met een rotgevoel liet ik je dan achter in dat ziekenhuisbedje op de IC. Vaak mocht je nog helemaal geen kleding aan en droeg je alleen een luier en op het einde, toen je nog maar een paar weken te leven had (wat wij toen niet wisten…) toen droeg je wat kleding, maatje 44. Je sliep dan doordat papa “det vackraste” (het mooiste) voor je […]

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White Shirt OOTD

3 months ago

Hi everyone, recently I received a new Jacques Britt shirt to try! I really love this brand and the quality of their shirts are really amazing! The shirt feels soft and comfortable. It’s like a second skin on my skin. Okay, have a look at my outfit and let me know what you think of it! Jacques Britt Personally, I have never heard of Jacques Britt before I received this shirt to try! I was happily surprised however. Would I buy this myself? Yes! I have a difficult size, since my neck is only 29,5 cm. A lot of shirts start at 32 or 34 cm. However, the shirt fits me well. Let me tell you a little bit about Jacques Britt. It’s a German brand and exists since 1969. A brand with a passion to deliver proper shirts for demanding customers. The brand delivers all kinds of shirts; from custom fit to slim fit, for men and women! I found this brand on the website of overhemden. Overhemden is Dutch for ‘shirts’. They even have an app with more than 2000 shirts on it. You can check them out there from your phone. So brilliant! I love my white […]

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Moeder, Vrouw, Fashionista en Levensgenieter! Nederlandse, jetting van Amsterdam/Stockholm