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Promoting holistic health and nutrition along with fitness to promote sustainability and eco-conscious living through products I believe in and review.

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Shana Koh

Shana Koh




Raw Hemp Seed Bites

9 months ago

  In need of a post-workout protein snack?  Or want to satisfy a sweet tooth without the guilt?  However you choose to eat these flourless no-bake raw hemp seed bites, it’s a win-win situation for your health and body!  Hemp seeds are wonderful in that they have a perfect balance with omega 3-6-9 oils.  Just… Continue reading Raw Hemp Seed Bites

Kimchee Fried Miracle Noodle Rice

9 months ago

I try to create recipes that are easy and quick to prepare, but also fun to eat and delicious!  No fuss in the kitchen is how I like it.  😉  So I decided on some Kimchee Fried Miracle Noodle Rice and it turned out perfectly spicy and tasty! 😉 Kimchee is a fermented napa cabbage… Continue reading Kimchee Fried Miracle Noodle Rice

Baked Shirataki Rice Omelette

10 months ago

I love eggs.  I love meals prepped with eggs.  Eggs are such a great source of protein, which our bodies need, especially for muscle-building fitness folks who need it more for the essential amino acids. But often, eggs get a bad rap for the cholesterol and some people even fear eating it as a result.  But… Continue reading Baked Shirataki Rice Omelette

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