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Sharon Sindio Simpiri

Sharon Sindio Simpiri




Caps Wireless Headphones

3 weeks ago

In my last post I was talking about my favorite items of June. Today I just want to put my new Caps Wireless Headphone from Fresh ‘n Rebel in the spotlight. I just had a terrible problem that a lot of people also have. I had one earbud that didn’t work so listening to music was... Continue Reading →

My new helpful items

4 weeks ago

Finally guys! I am done with school for this year. Finally I can rest a little bit more and go back to work. It’s been a heavy year for me but I’m glad that I will be able to rest for 2 months and finally do what I want. The last few weeks have been... Continue Reading →

Toms and Tommy

1 month ago

The sun has been shining lately (mostly), which gives me a chance to actually get outdoors, wear some real clothes, take some photos and enjoy life. At the moment am working my ass off for school. So actually am not really enjoying life anymore. But anyway, I just wanted to post a small outfit and... Continue Reading →

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