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I a fascinated by healty food from all over the world. My website reflects part of the journey I travel regarding to this point of view. I get inspiration from all over the world and give it my own pe...

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Veerle Sieron

Veerle Sieron




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Tacos with mango salsa, avocado fries and dip sauce

8 months ago

I love tortillas because they are so versatile. When we decided to cut meat out of our menu, I started looking for vegetarian options to enjoy this delicious treat. This one has an instant summer feeling because of the sweet mango salsa. The crust of the avocado gives this tortilla a perfect bite. Healthy and... Read More

Sweet potato tacos

10 months ago

What I like about tacos is that you can variate endlesly with the stuffing. One of our kids favorites is this sweet potato and chickpeas stuffing. It’s spicy, sweet and smoky. The cilantro dressing gives it a fresh touch. We often eat this as dinner but you can also make small tacos as fingerfood. For... Read More


10 months ago

I first learned to know this dish on my travel in Greece when I was 12. We ate it for breakfast, on the beach, as an afternoon snack… I am in love with this Greek local food. It is one of those dishes that brings me right back in time when it comes out of the... Read More

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