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3 tips for using affiliate links in your content

As a blogger, influencer or content maker you prefer to show products on your website or channel where you stand for a 100%. But did you know that you can also earn something for it, without having a direct collaboration with an advertiser? Using affiliate links in your content is a suitable way to guide your visitors to the promoted product more easily and to earn something for yourself.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The affiliate marketing process works in four steps:

  1. As a blogger, influencer or content maker, you process an affiliate link in your content.
  2. Your visitor or follower clicks on this link after she has become enthusiastic about the product you are promoting.
  3. Your visitor or follower places an order.
  4. As result you’ll receive a commission on the order value excluding VAT and you have a happy visitor or follower!

In order to realize this, it’s important that affiliate links are processed on your website. You can create these links manually via an individual affiliate program, but you can also choose to use the LinkPizza plugin. Instead of manually adjusting the links, the LinkPizza plugin automatically converts the links on your website to affiliate links.

But how do you best incorporate affiliate links into your content? I’ll give you 3 tips.

1. Process affiliate links in your text

The moment you highlight the product in your content, is the moment that you can process your affiliate link in the text. For example, by naming the name of the product in the text and giving it an affiliate link, you increase the chance of clicking through to the website of the advertiser, more than when you give the link at the end of the article. As a visitor you want to click through immediately. At the end of the article the motivation of the visitor can already be decreased.

Als, do not forget that your visitors get a certain cooling-off period that we call cookie time. As long as the cookie remains valid, and this differs per affiliate program, your visitor can place an order and the commission will be assigned to you. That your visitors click through is therefore a must.

2. Think up products that match the promoted product

To be able to process more affiliate links in the same content, without constantly repeating the promoted product, you can highlight products that fit seamlessly into it. Think of a phone case or adapter with a phone, or a pair of shoes with a dress. You’ll help your visitor by highlighting the extras. If your visitor orders more from the advertiser, you can earn even more commission because the order value is higher. It’s a win-win!

3. Don’t forget the power of different media

How do you get traffic on your website right now? Maybe because of your social media channels or your newsletter file? Do not forget that you can use these channels to not only increase the traffic on your website, but also to increase the chance of commissions. Every visitor is a potential customer for the advertiser you promote. Tip: Use the LinkPizza Link shortener to convert links into an affiliate link for use in Social Media without the plug-in.

Make a fun and triggering expression for social media or a teaser in your newsletter and lead your visitors to your website so they can shop through the affiliate links in your content. If you make a link for Instagram , you can place it via in your bio or stories. You can also process the links in your newsletter. Keep in mind the possible rules that are drawn up by the various social media and newsletter technologies.

Good luck with processing affiliate links in your content!

Do you want to develop further in affiliate marketing? Then follow the special affiliate training for publishers and influencers from Affiliate blogger.

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