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Combine influencer and affiliate marketing for more revenue

Do you already get the best results from your blog, website or social media channels? Running a successful platform takes time and energy. The more you prefer to see your income increase via the platform. But did you know that it can be interesting to combine different online marketing channels (blog, website, social media)? Combine influencer and affiliate marketing for extra income!

Use various online marketing channels

Undoubtedly you are already deploying a number of online marketing channels, perhaps even unconsciously. Optimizing your texts on your website or blog results in better findability in search engines (SEO: Search Engine Optimization). The use of social media channels provides an exclusive look into your life, but also provides updates on what happens on the website. As a result, you get more followers, high engagement figures and more traffic on your website if you also link to this. These social media channels are also an online marketing channel.

Using your newsletter file to keep your followers up-to-date can fall under e-mail marketing. You see? Consciously or unconsciously, you are already doing more than you think!

Influencer and affiliate marketing

Influencers are increasingly being asked by webshops to use affiliate marketing. In some cases, it seems like you, as a blogger or website owner, have to make a choice: use influencer marketing or affiliate marketing. But nothing is less true.

The combination between influencer and affiliate marketing can actually provide extra income. Where you as an influencer receive a fixed amount for writing a blog article or posting a social media post, you can process affiliate links in the other unpaid articles and posts. In this way, you create an earnings model for every expression that you place. Advertisers who are also active through affiliate marketing encourage this. They are more often brought to the attention, you can earn more ánd you help your visitors to the right items that the blog article or social media post is about. Win-win-win situation.

Tip: do you already use the LinkPizza content marketplace to be able to write paid blog posts more often?

Are you going to combine influencer marketing and affiliate marketing to get an extra income?

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