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Earn more with your MediaKit

Are you making the most of your MediaKit? If your website is approved by us, it will be displayed in our marketplace. But do you realise the importance of your MediaKit for advertisers? Finalise your MediaKit on your dashboard under websites.

Example MediaKit mamaliefde.nl
Example MediaKit mamaliefde.nl

How it works

Before an advertiser decides to collaborate with you, he compares several publishers based on their MediaKit. He judges which of these publishers best fit the content campaign’s goals and decides who will generate the most views and clicks, and against what price.

The MediaKit contains different elements which you can add to, to optimise your chances of getting selected for campaigns. Add information to your MediaKit for an accurate overview of your website and what you want and can deliver.


Check the boxes that categorise your website’s content and subjects. The maximum amount of categories you can choose from is 7. Besides our main categories, you may select subcategories.


Indicate that you would like your MediaKit showcased in the marketplace and what kind of products you offer against what price.

Your website’s content determines what kind of content you publish, your products. For an extended explanation on the different products, take a look at our FAQ under terminology. You can select the following products:

  • Advertorial
  • Video
  • Press Release
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Newsletter
  • Mention
  • Review
  • Giveaway
  • Link

The compensation is an indication of the price you want for an article. You provide an indication for three different types of products: advertorial, mention and link. We divided these three products, because prices significantly differ. For example, an advertorial is bigger than a mention or link placing. Production will cost you more time and therefore costs more.

Estimated views*
Provide the estimated number of views you expect to generate with your article within the first month after publication. Be honest! When turns out you didn’t live up to your promise, it will affect your credibility. The chance of you getting approved for new campaigns may decrease.

Example advertorial
Add a link to an example advertorial on your website. This way an advertiser can determine if your writing capabilities fit his campaign. Make sure you place a URL that represents your writing style. Don’t forget to adjust the link when the article becomes inactive.


Statistics MediaKit
Statistics MediaKit

Views, sessions and unique visitors a month. In the eyes of an advertiser this is almost as important as a brand fit. Just like estimated views, provided by you in the element marketplace, honesty is key. You will be judged by all data you provide. When your information doesn’t correlate with the actual data, you may complete one assignment, but chances are you won’t get selected for new campaigns.


Demography MediaKit
Demography MediaKit

Provide information about the demography of your website. You can find this information in your website’s statistic via google analytics. If you don’t have this information, provide an accurate estimation.
Distinction man/woman and your visitor’s estimated age are some of the filters used by advertisers to find publishers. Sometimes the percentage is difficult to determine, but try to be accurate.

Social Profiles

Social media results are very valuable for advertisers. In case an advertiser wishes that you share your article on your social media channels, your measured likes and followers will be a big part of their selection process. You may select Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Your channels’ likes and followers will automatically be fetched by us.


In case you enable SmartWords, LinkPizza’s intelligent script will add monetizable links to your content. Enabling SmartWords doesn’t affect your MediaKit.


Screenshot MediaKit
Screenshot MediaKit

A new screenshot will be fetched by us every 14 days. You may upload one yourself. Your screenshot is your website’s presentation. The better it represents your website, the faster an advertiser will determine if you fit their campaign needs.


The Logo you upload can be an official logo, but could also show your website’s characteristics, or you.

Ready to be found?
Start finalizing your MediaKit here. Do you have additional questions about different kinds of products? Take a look at our FAQ.

* Shows which elements are used by advertisers to filter in the marketplace.



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