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How do you write a good blog? Five tips!

Blogging, it is not always as easy as it seems. How do you write a good blog? Successful bloggers often have real success after many years of writing, with ups and downs. With perseverance and a good focus, it ultimately yields a lot. In this article, we give you five tips to help you write a good blog.

How do you write a good blog?

Not only is it important that you write a good blog for your visitors/ readers,  but it’s also important for Google. We give you five tips on how to write a good blog:

1. Decide who you write for

With your target group in mind, it’s important that you write about what you think they find interesting. You also adjust the writing style to what best suits your target group. For example, you write more personally for consumers, than when you have businesses or professionals as your target group.

2. Focus on one subject

To write a strong article, it’s important that you get a focus in your artikel. Choose a specific topic you want to write or inform about. Not only do you write a much stronger article for your readers, but it’s also clear to Google what you are writing about.

focus keyword

Determining a good focus keyword is very important and has a direct influence on your conversion. When using a short tail keyword, you have a lot of competition and a smaller chance of conversion. Therefore, use long tail keywords. With the SEO plugin Yoast you can indicate a focus keyword. The plugin assesses the readability and how far the article is SEO optimised. You will also receive feedback on how to improve your article.

How do you write a good blog?

3. Suitable topic

The topic you use must be suitable for your blog and your target group. Make sure you have one or a few main topics. A blog that focuses on a specific topic like food, such as keukenliefde, has a higher authority. Google values these kinds of websites higher than broad blogs focused on various topics. Also advertisers often have a preference for niche websites.

4. Blog regularly

It’s important to write a good blog, but it’s also – and maybe even more important – that you blog regularly. Sometimes it happens that you have no inspiration for new blogs, or can’t find the time to write them. That may occur sometimes, but it is important to keep blogging regularly. New and up-to-date content is important to maintain your position in Google or to get a higher ranking. Also, when you post new content regularly, your readers wil come back on a regular base.

5. Apply structure

Make sure your introduction is clear: what is the subject and what are going to treat. When writing a good blog it’s important that you use short, clear sentences. Also use subheadings and write short paragraphs. For the reader,  it is also nice to use an image from time to time, but only use it when this strengthens your text.

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