Verdien geld met links

Ready to start using the biggest European link monetizer? LinkPizza automatically turns your normal links into affiliate links.

Native monetization

Our native advertising solution takes the product links in your content and turns them into monetized links for you. When somebody buys the linked product, you receive a commission over that sale. And we take a small percentage of that.

You can deep link to any advertiser page, LinkPizza will replace the link for you. Visitors won’t see the monetized link in your content. The link is only replaced when visitors click.

All you have to do keep creating content like you always did. When you want to improve your content you can use the statistics provided by LinkPizza to see where your visitor click out to.

33.000+ advertisers

LinkPizza is the perfect way to integrate advertisers from multiple affiliate networks at once, without having to sign up for all of them.

We’re expanding our advertiser portfolio continuously, primarily focussing on the european programs.

How does it work?

After you activate your account and include linkpizza in your website, all outgoing clicks are checked in real time to see if LinkPizza has an advertiser offering commission (affiliate program) for that link.

Read more on how to start.

Affiliate aggregator