Earn with writing authentic branded and native content. Pitch on public campaigns and create a MediaKit which gives advertisers the opportunity to find you in our marketplace. You can also use affiliate links and independently decide what to write about. It immediately delivers extra income!



With content marketing you write commissioned by advertisers to generate more traffic and branding. Pitch on public campaigns or collaborate through private campaigns. Advertisers will make you an offer, or counteroffer your bid based on data in your MediaKit.

Affiliate links

Independently decide what to write about and add one of our advertiser’s links. We automatically convert these links into revenue generating advertiser’s These link directly to advertisers’ websites. No more copy pasting links, and your own old affiliate links won’t lose their function.


The MediaKit shows an overview of your website’s data and reach. This serves as a collaboration and promotion page for your websites, which will encourage advertisers to work with you. They will find your MediaKit in our marketplace.

Immediate revenue!

Mentions in our marketplace and installing our plugin are free of charge. With the plugin (code) you will automatically earn revenue with existing links and by writing authentic content. A small part of your compensation will be kept by us as a user fee, and will be paid by the advertiser. Signup is free, read how to start.

For whom

Our publishers can be defined as:

  • Influentials - Persons with online reach through different media channels
  • Bloggers - Websites with 1 or more bloggers
  • Publishing Houses - Media agencies with online magazines or groups like Sanoma

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