Earn money through our advertisers with our automatic affiliate links and be automatically connected to all networks.

How it works

LinkPizza automatically transforms links on your website to monetizable (affiliate) links when a visitor clicks on the link.

The benefits

  • No more copy pasting and never have an affiliate link expire
  • 1 account for all networks
  • SEO friendly (auto no-follow)
  • Directly work with the best advertisers
  • Monetize your old articles

Look for advertisers

Using our tools it’s easy to find relevant advertisers. In our WordPress plugin you’ll also see which links are monetizable through the LinkPizza icon.

Automated payment

Payments are automated, we’ll deduct our margin from your payment.

Top advertisers

Use the top advertisers ordered by lead value, or search in all advertisers.

Explained by bloggers

Read what other bloggers write about how it works and earning money with affiliate marketing.

Read more about: Sponsored content promotion.


Our statistics shows which links could be paid (monetized $) through affiliate marketing. Blacklisted clicks are made to advertisers that you do not have access to yet. On clicks you can see the last clicks made.

Placing the script

If you don’t want to or cannot install the WordPress plugin or wish to measure for a specific article only, copy paste your unique JavaScript (tracking code or pixel) on all your titles. See install for instructions per CMS.