Your goal is to save time and work efficiently. LinkPizza offers many benefits to make your life easy. You select the right campaigns, receive the right compensation for your branded content and can easily manage your assignments.

Self select campaigns

Campaign selection

Because you select campaigns yourself and are able to turn down advertisers, you always create content for brands that match your website. This way you will always write about subjects you like and do what you love.

Affiliate links

Eliminating manually embedding links from affiliate systems saves you a lot of time. Links to advertisers’ webshops automatically convert to affiliate links on your website and your visitors won’t notice any difference. After publishing you receive data and commission.

Right price

Negotiate pricing

Because you pitch for campaigns, you decide what compensation you want for your work. Advertisers decide to settle for your bid, or counterbid your offer which makes for a transparent and flexible price.

Earn fixed and/or variable compensation

Set compensation

Save budget on your agency fees thanks to the self-service setup of LinkPizza. Low fees leave you with a larger budget for your campaigns.

Variable compensation

The variable compensation will be offered to you by the advertiser. You will receive a percentage or set amount per sale, if your readers click through to the advertisers’ website and make a purchase. This makes your publication effort rewarding and you will earn money in the longer term.

Easy management

One dashboard

Work with only one account for all your content business. In your dashboard you can easily manage your assignments’ status, communicate with your clients and review your website’s revenue.


Promote your MediaKit with your offerings. You can easily edit your MediaKit in your dashboard so advertisers will always be able to see your current performance.

Deliver a preview

After writing and before publishing you can deliver a preview of your article or the advertiser. After feedback and revisions, you will publish the article.