How to Start

Are you king of content looking for brands to write for or link your content to, kick off with LinkPizza.

Start with 4 simple steps:

  1. Integreer LinkPizza on your website(s)
  2. Add your website(s)
  3. Get approved to use monetized links
  4. Manage your assignments
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Integrate LinkPizza on your website(s)

After you signed up you activate LinkPizza on your website using one of the implementation methods:

Add your website(s)

LinkPizza automatically detects which websites are using our service and adds them to your websites. There is a delay between adding the script and the website being added to your account. To kickstart LinkPizza we recommend you to enter your website and add it once you’ve installed our script. You can do this under websites. When you have entered your website you can choose to add it to our marketplace.

Get approved to use monetized links

To assure our network’s quality, LinkPizza checks every publisher manually after sign up. Our account managers checks your website before we activate monetized links on your website. Please be sure you meet our quality criteria.

Manage your assignments

In your dashboard you will be able to deepdive into your audience’s interests, best performing pages and most clicked links. Integrating this information in your content process helps you get the most out your content!

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