How to Start

Everybody has content, whether you or your staff wrote it or your visitors generate it for you. That content has value to advertisers, it’s this value that LinkPizza captures and rewards you for.

1.Activate LinkPizza on your website(s)

After you signed up for LinkPizza you can activate it on your website using one of our very simple implementation methods:

  • JavaScript – Usable on every blog.
  • WordPress Plugin – Preferred for WordPress blogs, assignments extra functionality.
  • Redirect – Used for advanced users and apps.

2.Enter Website(s)

LinkPizza automatically detects which websites are using our service and adds them under Websites, there is a delay between adding the script and the website being added to your account. To get up and running faster we recommend you enter your website and verify it once you’ve installed our script. You can do this under Websites. When you have entered your website you can choose to add it to our Marketplace, this allows advertisers to order Advertorial, Mention or Smartlink on your website directly from your mediaKit.

3.Get approved to use monetized links

LinkPizza checks every publisher manually, after you sign up our accountmanagers will check your website for suitability with the network before we activate monetized links on your website. Please be sure you meet our quality criteria.

4.What you have to do

After you activated LinkPizza you can just continue working as usual, it’s that simple. Behind the scenes your links are changed whenever a .

Your users won’t see any urls change until they right click on a link and your SEO isn’t affected. We automatically turn links to Advertisers we support into no-follow links, so you don’t have to anymore.

    Placing more links
  • If you want to increase the amount of monetized links try to link to supported Advertisers, this could be a deeplink, link to a category or just a link to the homepage.

  • Work with more advertisers
  • Want to work with more advertisers? Have a look at our Chrome Extension or search in our Advertisers.

5.Using the Dashboard

Great, every time somebody buys a product linked to one of our supported advertisers you’ll earn a commission. But now for the best part, using our Dashboard you’ll be able to deepdive into your audience’s interests, best performing pages and most clicked links. Integrating this information in your editorial process helps you get the most out your content!