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Blog articles, editorial content or discussion forums, LinkPizza offers you the tools to unlock their value.

Bloggers & Editorial

Skip the hassle of adding affiliate links yourself every time you create new content, saving you time to further optimize your content. Using our dynamic redirect technology you can focus on growing your audience and leave the monetization to us.

  • Free to use.
  • Easy to integrate using our WordPress plugin or JavaScript snippet.
  • Monetize your content without copy and pasting links.
  • Your visitors don’t need to see that it’s monetized.

What our clients say:

LinkPizza helps me and my editors save time and earn money at the same time, I love it!

Angelique Vlieg from

Online communities

Automatically earn money whenever a visitor buys something through a product mentioned on your community, how much easier can it get? Keep your user experience intact by using the native advertising LinkPizza offering, instead of going the display banner route. Your users will thank you.

  • Earn money over your outgoing clicks.
  • Automatically capture product references and monetize them.
  • Doesn’t affect the user experience in any way.

What our clients say:

We’re very happy with our partnership with LinkPizza. The technical implementation was simple and took us less than an hour. The large amount of advertisers in their network help us maximize the revenue potential of the links that we promote to our users.

Arjen Robijn from


Any product-centered app can benefit from our technology, from review apps to wish lists. Monetizable by just redirecting your traffic through our service.

  • Make money without annoying ads.
  • Simple to install.
  • Avoid having to check every network yourself, speeding up your application.

What our clients say:

In our cross-media shopping platform we were able to integrate LinkPizza quickly and smoothly. It saves time and earns you revenue, what else would you possibly want?

Paul Aelen from

Content portals

Managing multiple websites and monetizing is a huge task, adding affiliate links to every article and tracking the performance is a tedious, time-consuming chore. LinkPizza can help you by automating this for you. Avoid having your editors spend hours finding links, track the performance in a single dashboard, instantly showing you where the money is made within your network.

  • Link directly to shops, saving hours of copy-pasting.
  • Manage multiple websites easily.
  • Supports deep linking directly to products.

What our clients say:

Changing all our links to affiliate links by hand would have been an enormous undertaking, LinkPizza helps us by taking this off our hands.

Klaas Joosten from

Only publishers with quality traffic are allowed on our platform. We select publishers based on certain criteria.