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Company description

Stampix is a photo printing company. We strive to make photo printing easy and fun. Through our app or webshop, people can choose from different formats of prints, posters and photobooks and get them delivered straight to their doorstep. We are on a mission to bring joy to people's lives through photos. We believe in the power of the small moments and the beauty of celebrating the real you.

We differentiate ourselves from other printing companies by the material of our photos and our sustainability efforts. Our paper is thicker than normal photo printing paper with a glossy finish. it makes it easy to create DIYs, write on them, give them as gifts, decorate walls, etc. On the sustainable side, all products are printed on FSC-certified paper and CO2-neutral printers and we ship most orders in bulk for a reduced carbon footprint.

We have 2 main target groups:

  1. Students from 18 to 25 yo, who love to take photos of everything, go to a lot of events with friends and are always looking for new ways to decorate/create thoughtful gifts to friends.
  2. Moms, looking to eternalise every moment of their kids/family life. They love to create photobooks and are always looking for ways to display these memories.

Stampix is run by a fun, open-minded and creative group of people looking to experiment with new ideas from collaborations.

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