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Hetty van Koutrik

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Pork Belly Burnt Ends, a piece of heaven from your BBQ

8 months ago

While I was writing my book on barbecue (sorry guys, only available in Dutch) earlier this year,  I saw the new BBQ hit for this season popping up all over my social media. It was a dish that I had seen before but never got to making, Pork Belly Burnt Ends. The first time I heard of them was a while ago. A BBQ joint in New York City was experimenting with different dishes and they had this on the menu. That moment I knew I had to make them. There are BBQ purists out there that will tell you these aren’t burnt ends. Real burnt ends come from brisket. But the cat is out of the bag and I don’t think it’ll go back in any time soon. But whatever you call them, they are crazy delicious nuggets of porky goodness. It’s one of the best things I made so far on my barbecue. And the best part, it’s dead simple. Pork Belly Burnt Ends Ingrediënts: pork belly 1.5 kilo / 3 pounds barbecue rub – your favorite for pork butter light brown sugar agave syrup or honey barbecue sauce – your favorite Extra: smoke wood, I prefer apple […]

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MOINK Balls, this could easily be the ultimate BBQ snack!

9 months ago

The first mention of MOINK Balls was on August 2nd, 2008 on the BBQ Brethren Forum. Larry ‘ BBQ-Grail’ Gaian took a bag of Italian meatballs from the freezer at his supermarket. He covered them in BBQ rub, wrapped a slice of bacon around them, smoked them and at the end glazed them with BBQ sauce. The MOINK Ball was born. The name comes from MOO from the beef en OINK from the pork. The good folks at the BBQ Brethren forum love a good joke and started a MOINK Ball committee. If you showed that you made your MOINK Balls according to the rules you would receive a certificate. One of those rules was the correct spelling, MOINK has to be spelled out in capitals! Another rule was that the meatballs had to be store bought, frozen Italian meatballs. For me that rule was a hurdle since here in the Netherlands they don’t sell those at the supermarket. So I contacted Larry and asked him how I could become a certified MOINK Baller if I wasn’t able to buy one of the key ingredients. Larry came back with another rule: ‘If you live in a country where you can’t […]

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We, the Sea Side Smokers, are going to the Jack 2016!

2 years ago

In the world of competition barbecue getting an invitation to the Jack Daniel’s Invitational World Championship Barbecue is possibly the highest thing you can achieve. Last week the people at Jack Daniel’s drew the teams that may represent their state or country and guess what? We, my barbecue team the Sea Side Smokers, are going to the Jack 2016! Whoohoo! The rules to get entered in “the Draw” vary a bit for US teams and foreign teams. If you’re an US team and you win a state championship your name ends up on a bung, one of those plugs they put in a barrel after filling it. For European teams there are two possibilities to get a bung, either you win a contest or you end up being the best national team in the country the contest is held. The day of the draw all the bungs go in a bag per state or country and one team is drawn from the bag. So it might happen that you are in the draw for a couple of years and you’ll never make it to the Jack! We are going to the Jack! Last season we managed to be the best Dutch team […]

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