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We, the Sea Side Smokers, are going to the Jack 2016!

10 months ago

In the world of competition barbecue getting an invitation to the Jack Daniel’s Invitational World Championship Barbecue is possibly the highest thing you can achieve. Last week the people at Jack Daniel’s drew the teams that may represent their state or country and guess what? We, my barbecue team the Sea Side Smokers, are going to the Jack 2016! Whoohoo! The rules to get entered in “the Draw” vary a bit for US teams and foreign teams. If you’re an US team and you win a state championship your name ends up on a bung, one of those plugs they put in a barrel after filling it. For European teams there are two possibilities to get a bung, either you win a contest or you end up being the best national team in the country the contest is held. The day of the draw all the bungs go in a bag per state or country and one team is drawn from the bag. So it might happen that you are in the draw for a couple of years and you’ll never make it to the Jack! We are going to the Jack! Last season we managed to be the best Dutch team […]

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BBQ Tales on Bloglovin’

10 months ago

From now on you can follow BBQ Tales through Bloglovin’! Bloglovin’ is a platform to keep track of all your favorite blogs in one place. If you’re not familiar with it please give it a try and don’t forget to follow me through the following link. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Texas Beef Ribs, low & slow BBQ heaven

1 year ago

These Texas beef ribs prove that great barbecue isn’t complicated at all. If you can manage to keep your barbecue at a steady 107°C /225°F you can make these bad boys. Just like everywhere else there are trends in barbecue. Here in the Netherlands I see beef ribs getting more popular. A lot of the starting barbecuers made chicken on a beer can and pulled pork and are looking for something new to impress their friends, well these Texas beef ribs will do the job nicely. Probably the hardest part for us in Europe is to track down the right cut of meat. You want short ribs, ask you butcher for it or source them from an online butcher that specializes in barbecue cuts. I used corn fed black angus this time, I have used wagyu in the past, both give great results. You want a lot in intermuscular fat in your meat otherwise you’ll end up with dry ribs. A slab of four ribs will easily feed four people if you add some side dishes. In terms of smoke wood you can add quite a bit of heavy smoke. Oak, hickory or mesquite go great with the beef and […]

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