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Summer capsule wardrobe for 2020

4 days ago

Yasss, summer has arrived and so has my summer capsule wardrobe for 2020. I filmed the 22 pieces I have curated for some good fashion inspiration. I’m also sharing my theme and thoughts behind my summer capsule wardrobe in my new video. I love curating wardrobes with a certain kind of look and feel. I’m […]

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Stating the obvious: I got fat but why?

a week ago

So yeah, I gained a lot of weight. Last week I weighed in at 69 kg, which is my start weight when I started my public weight loss journey on Youtube a few years ago. So guess who’s back, back again. Grab a seat, tell a friend. Cos I’m spilling the beans today. I’m fat […]

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Design your True Life + Free workbook

2 weeks ago

It’s been quiet here on my blog, but I’m slowly making my way back to writing again. The reason I’ve been silent online is because I decided to use this lockdown time to create My True Life: A life I actually want to live, because I designed it myself. I started creating My True Life […]

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Channels by Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen

Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen 5k - 10k
Engelstalige blog met bereik in Nederland, de VS, België en de UK.


Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen 0 - 5k
Engelstalig Instagram account over gezond eten, fitness, fashion en beauty.

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