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Mirage is a mixed bag of thoughts, experiences, reviews, and many other things inside the home.

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7+ Fun Online Games for the Whole Family

a month ago
  This generation definitely belongs to the online world. Books can now be read via readers, most of our childhood games are now online, and we’ve learned to love them too.  There are of course games and sports that are better played IRL but, with the restrictions placed, it is not as easy like before....

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4 Best Ways to Teach Your Kids the Value of Real Estate and Investing

2 months ago
Money and the value of real estate may be a very adult topic for kids to learn early on in life. However, the famous line “all we really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be we learned in kindergarten” is true in many aspects. Aside from the...

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Fun Summer Giveaway: Nintendo Switch Lite!

2 months ago
Summer holidays are best spent in beaches, out in the sun, a beautiful city, or countryside, but with restrictions in place (depending on where you are and where you’re going), most of us are spending days at home, doing staycations, biking around, and perhaps walking out a stretch for some movement. To take a break...

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