WordPress Plugin

Are you using a self-hosted WordPress for your website? Then the plugin is the easiest way to get started for you. Easy to install and hassle-free link management should allow you to get up and running within minutes.

  • Installing the plugin

When using your self hosted WordPress you can use our easy to install LinkPizza Manager plugin. The plugin is also available in the WordPress plugin directory for no-hassle setup.

You can install the plugin in multiple ways, which are explained over at WordPress.org. In case you are able to install plugins directly from your WordPress installation we recommend taking this approach.

Please note: This plugin is not available for WordPress.com blogs.

  • Log in to the plugin

After installing and activating the plugin, click on the LinkPizza menu item. Here you will find a login button, press it and log in with your LinkPizza email and password. If everything went well, you will be returned to your WordPress website and have been logged in.