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About us

Why we started LinkPizza

LinkPizza was built to provide revenue for websites similar to ZEEF.com that deliver very high quality traffic to Advertisers.

The problem we encountered was the sheer amount of advertisers the website could link to, being a user-generated content website. We realized a lot of publishers struggle with this problem as well.

We decided to spin-off this solution into LinkPizza, to help publishers and advertisers within Europe to generate more revenue in a simple and intuitive way. Currently LinkPizza is the biggest link replacement platform in Europe.


LinkPizza was built by a team with members that have more than 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing. The entire team combined has more than 50 years of experience in performance marketing. The team has built the first (1999) affiliate marketing network in the Netherlands, which was one of the first affiliate networks in the world.


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Our Location

We are located at the Panamalaan 3F in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The team behind LinkPizza previously built an award winning affiliate platform in Europe. This platform was sold to the biggest affiliate network in Europe.

Klaas Joosten

Visionary extraordinair Klaas started LinkPizza after selling the largest affiliate network of the BeNeLux to Zanox in 2012.
Klaas Joosten

Mandy Schaaf

Advertiser Success Manager
Campaign management, support and sales. Mandy does it all. Ready to help you with any campaign you have.
Mandy Schaaf

Robin Eggenkamp

The code captain of LinkPizza, Robin makes sure what we build actually keeps working after Arjan is finished.
Robin Eggenkamp

Arjan Pronk

Co-Founder/Product Owner
Creator of plugins and ruler of WordPress, Arjan is responsible for most of LinkPizza’s external tools and internal influencer features.
Klaas Joosten

Dennis Brouwer

Co-Founder/Extraordinary Goalkeeper
Our resident database wizard, keeping our platform running through blood, sweat, tears and sheer willpower.
Dennis Brouwer

Peter Terpstra

Sales Manager
Responsible for driving strategic sales initiatives nationally, and later on globally, and developing the sales funnel. Managing and hiring other sales managers.
Peter Terpstra

Floris de Bruijn

Interim CFO
A man of numbers, Floris makes sure all of us actually see what our company is earning day to day.
Floris de Bruijn