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A blog for dancers... about Salsa, Bachata, Casino Rueda, and Kizomba dancing, music, and travel.

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Arthur T Williams IV

Arthur T Williams IV


English vs.

5 days ago

This doesn’t need to be a long article. Most people have used a dating site similar to these two, and They’re actually both owned by the same Australian company and the interface is the same or almost exactly the same. I recently enrolled in both sites (first in and my results have ... Read more

Thailand Newsletter: Whacko Thailand!

5 days ago

Today’s collection of articles on Thailand focuses on how safe it is…assuming it is at all. My contention for some time has been that Thailand has changed a lot for the worse since I used to visit it back in the 68-72 time period. I would still like to see it again but I guarantee ... Read more

Prairie Home Companion Show, 06.13.17

2 weeks ago

Here’s a six-pack collection of selected Prairie Home Companion shows…. and one interesting interview with Garrison Keillor explaining something of the background of this remarkable series. And don’t forget that curated newsletters or round-ups (or whatever you want to call them) like this can be used in many different ways to promote a business or ... Read more

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