Visit WONDR Experience & Roller Dreams @ Amsterdam


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When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or that you laughed until your belly hurt? WONDR Experience and Roller Dreams are the perfect place to let go and play: regardless of your age.

Step into a maze of hypercolored interactive spaces designed to entertain, delight and engage your senses in unexpected ways.

What do confetti showers, a tub of teddy bears, a 80' inspired roller skate rink, a pink bouncy house, a huge crane machine, a pool of marshmallows and a rainbow ball pit all have in common? 

They are all waiting for you at WONDR! In the making of this immersive experience we’ve gathered all the great stuff we believe make people happy. We’ve also added some other ingredients like a thousand disco balls, a magical kaleidoscope, disco parties and fluffy karaoke booths. Got you excited? Come make unforgettable memories with us!

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