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The benefits of TikTok influencers & creators

Reach Generation Z
Do you want to reach Generation Z? Then it’s an absolute must to work with influencers and content creators on TikTok. There are more than 800.000 users in the age group 6-18 in the Netherlands alone.
TikTokkers translate trends and challenges

TikTok influencers know what the latest trends and most fun challenges are. They use their knowledge so your campaign can easily reach the younger target audience. There’s no need for you to figure out which trends are hot right now; the TikTokker will do this for you!

Going viral

The TikTok algorithm makes sure video’s go viral quickly. Experienced creators understand like no one else which content speaks to their target audience and how the platform works. So it just might be your brand going viral next, and you just might be one of the many success cases on TikTok.

Tiktok Influencers

“Because of LinkPizza I was able to start several collaborations with TikTokkers. For my ‘smart’ skipping ropes, TikTok turns out to be a conversion-rich platform with a broad outreach.”

Icon Daan van Dijk

Daan van Dijk

CEO Ultimate Shape & Smartrope

Benefits of LinkPizza

Large network of influencers at your fingertips

Stop searching for hours and find influencers/content creators with only one simple click.

Collaborating with professional influencers

All influencers at LinkPizza have a controlled reach and have been verified to guarantee quality. Save time and only be put in touch with influencers who are willing and used to working with brands.

Achieved results transparent in real time

The reach and engagement per campaign is collected, checked and shown in real time in your campaign overview. No fuss calculating the ROI of your campaign.

The right target audience

Select influencers easily based on reach and topic so you’ll connect with the right target audience for your brand or product.

Effortlessly manage multiple influencer campaigns

Collaborate with multiple influencers at the same time and make separate agreements about price and content. All in one simple platform.

Streamlined, scalable and measurable influencer marketing

In other words: working with LinkPizza makes using influencers an effortless and professional part of your marketing mix.


Influencer marketing; scalable and measurable

How does a TikTok influencer campagne work


1. Share your wishes with our influencers

Share your campaign wishes and let influencers pitch their idea and quote, or contact the influencers you think would be a good fit with your brand.


2. Receive proposals

Receive influencer proposals and quotes per article or post. This way you’ll be able to see how your brand will be promoted by the influencers.


3. Communicate directly with influencers

Keep the conversation with the influencers going until you are happy with the content they have created.


4. Pay and put it live!

Pay after you’ve reached a good result with the influencer. After this the posts and articles will be put live.

Statistieken Content promotie

5. Follow the performance

Follow the real time results in your dashboard on our platform. Check the reach and the impact your campaign has.

Our TikTok Influencers

A lot of TikTok influencers are contracted by LinkPizza and new ones are joining every day. Check the LinkPizza marketplace for TikTok influencers that might be a good fit for your brand. You can filter your search on number of followers and category. 

TikTok influencer rates

Average price per post (breakdown according to number of followers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Within LinkPizza you’ll find TikTokkers with 3.000 to 600.000 followers.

In LinkPizza, you can indicate which requirements influencers have to meet before they can respond. For example: which target audience do they reach, about which subjects do they make content and how many followers do they minimally need.

Finding and approaching influencers can be very time consuming. With LinkPizza, you work up to 50% faster. Besides, you can’t always tell if they’re open to a collaboration with a brand and how professional they are. With LinkPizza, influencers come to you, as they respond to your campaign with a proposal. You can also be sure that their statistics are reliable and you can see the results of your campaign in real time on your dashboard.

On the platform, you are will be taken by the hand, step by step, so that you can properly brief the TikTokkers. After that, the influencers will come up with their own suggestions on how to promote your brand or product. Make use of that, they often know better than anyone how to approach the campaign on TikTok to make it really successful. We can also take care of the campaign for you if you wish.

There is an influencer for every budget. From brand lovers to mega influencers. On our subscription page, you can read which subscription is best for you. We recommend a minimum campaign budget of  €1,000, so you can work with multiple influencers and actually see results.

Just like Instagram, TikTok has several sides where all kinds of niches can be found. Besides dance videos, you can find many other types of videos, such as recognisable sketches, DIYs and challenges. We are happy to provide advice on this!

Within LinkPizza, you can work with influencers in two ways: you can let them pitch a creative idea and quote regarding your briefing, or you can select them yourself in our marketplace. 

Use our pro subscription if you want to use the latter option. 

We can manage the entire campaign for you, from drafting the briefing to evaluation. 

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of campaign management. 

The amount per collaboration averages between 75 and 400 euro’s and depends on the reach of the influencer. You can also choose to pay influencers (partially) in the form of a product or service (barter).

Depending on the number of influencers you want to work with, you will save about 50% time on average. Among other things:

Influencers will find you and respond to your campaign. No more hours of searching on TikTok. 

All communication and previews of the collaboration in one place. You know exactly which influencer has already created, submitted and posted their content.

No more statistics retrieval and collection. All campaign data is available in real time on your dashboard.

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