Improve your findability?

Linkbuilding with publishers

Benefits of publishers for your SEO

Save time: Let publishers write for you

Have relevant SEO blogs written by professional publishers instead of doing all the work yourself. By letting the blogger write the article, you get a relevant, high-quality article. They know better than anyone what kind of articles are best read.

Relevant blogs and articles

If you want to improve the findability of your website by using external blogs, the quality of the blog is crucial. Subject, target group and context are important. The better the article fits your website, the higher the article is rated. This will have a positive influence on your findability.

Combination of findability and traffic to your site

Work with publishers and kill two birds with one stone: rank higher in Google and send active traffic to your website.

More and more bloggers are active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok. It is often possible to close a deal where the blogger uses these social media channels to generate extra traffic to your page.

What can publishers do for your brand?



A qualitative article on the blogger's website. A post can consist of text, images, videos and links.



A blog post about a product or service in which the blogger reviews it, shares experiences and recommends it where possible. A review can consist of text, images, video and links.


Placing a link to the advertiser's domain in an existing article

Safe 50% of your time with LinkPizza

“LinkPizza is a good tool for getting proposals quickly from publishers you often don’t know yourself. I think we save 50% of our time on the total process.”

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Leon Hamelink

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Benefits of LinkPizza

Largest network within real reach

Stop searching and find publishers with one simple click and choose to outsource your link building. With LinkPizza you make collaboration with bloggers twice as fast.

Collaborate with professionals

All bloggers have a controlled reach and are checked so that you get the best quality. Save time and only connect with bloggers who are willing and used to working with brands.

Achieved results insightful in real-time

The reach and clicks per campaign collected, monitored and displayed in real-time in your campaign overview. No problems with calculating the ROI of your campaign.

The right target audience

Easily select publishers based on reach and topic so that you reach the right target group for your website, or let them come to you and easily improve your link profile.

Easily manage multiple collaborations

Work with multiple bloggers at the same time and make separate agreements about price and content. Everything on one simple platform for off page optimization.

Streamlined, scalable and measurable improve your findability

In other words: working with LinkPizza makes using bloggers for your findability an effortless and professional experience.


We streamline collaborations with publishers and make it scalable and measurable

How does LinkPizza work?

Our publishers

Thousands of publishers (bloggers and websites) are affiliated with LinkPizza and new ones are added every day.
Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow and category and let publishers respond to your linkbuilding campaign.

Rates of our publishers & influencers for blogs and websites

website rates

Insight into the quality of the blog

Select bloggers by domain authority, trust flow and citation flow and see how many views and unique visitors the blog has


Receive pitches + Handpick websites


+ agreed price per collaboration*

Share your briefing on our platform and automatically receive pitches from relevant websites
Select your favorite websites based on mediakits and rates

Multiple campaigns:
Advertisers who want to run multiple campaigns and want to have the choice to also invite specific websites themselves

Frequently asked questions

In total there are over 1500+ blogs affiliated with LinkPizza. New channels are added daily


In LinkPizza you can state which requirements bloggers must meet before they can respond. Think of: which DA values ​​they have, on which topics they create content and how many views they need at least.


Finding and contacting bloggers can be very time consuming. In addition, you cannot always immediately see whether they are open to a collaboration and how professional they are. Within LinkPizza, influencers approach you directly by responding to your campaign with a proposal. You can also be sure that their statistics are reliable.


On the platform you will be guided step by step so that you can brief the bloggers properly. Then the bloggers themselves come up with proposals. Make use of this, they often know better than anyone how to write a relevant SEO blog.


LinkPizza as an SEO tool ensures that you can collaborate with many bloggers quickly and easily. There are suitable bloggers for almost every budget. On our subscriptions page you can read which subscription suits you best.

We recommend  a pro subscription so that you can enter into unlimited partnerships and use our marketplace.

At LinkPizza we approve bloggers who meet our quality standards. These include: a minimum of 1,000 visitors, recently posted articles and a minimum of 40 articles already live.

Within LinkPizza you can collaborate with bloggers in two ways; you can let them pitch with an idea and price proposal to your call or you can select them yourself in our marketplace.

Take advantage of our pro plan if you want to take advantage of the latter option.


We certainly can. LinkPizza can manage the entire campaign for you, from drafting the briefing to the evaluation.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The rate per collaboration is on average between 50 and 400 euros and depends on the reach of the blogger.


Depending on the number of bloggers you want to work with, you save an average of about 50% time. A.o. by:

Bloggers find you and respond to your campaign. No more hours of searching the internet.

All communication and deliveries of the collaboration in one place. You know exactly which blogger has already created, submitted and posted his content.

No longer requesting and collecting statistics. All campaign data can be viewed real-time in your dashboard.

These brands & advertisers use our service

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