Referral Program

Are you happy with LinkPizza and would you like to recommend us to your colleagues and (new) advertisers? Let your network sign up for our platform and receive a nice compensation (up to € 85 per user) via our Referral Program. We will automatically keep track of who you registered via a personal link with your ID or via the installed LinkPizza plugin or script on your website.

How does it work?

It works just like all affiliate programs and networks. By providing a variable in the URL (a personal ID), the LinkPizza system knows who you have suggested when a user clicks on your personal link. If you forward someone, we will automatically remember this for a period of 30 days. Unless someone else has forwarded the same user again. These are the ways you can promote LinkPizza:

Forward with your personal link

Do you know an influencer or advertiser who wants to introduce you to LinkPizza? Send them via a link that is linked to your personal ID:

This link is also suitable for social media: place this link in the swipe-up of your Instagram Story or in the description of your YouTube video.

Link to your own media kit

Do you have a blog or website? Then you can put a link to your media kit on the collaborations page of your website. A good example is the advertising and collaboration page of Tipify. Choose a media kit to refer to: Log in to select a mediakit Log in to see your personal banners.

Post about LinkPizza

Make a post about your experience with LinkPizza or how you can use LinkPizza as an influencer or advertiser. Place your personal registration link for influencers or advertisers in the post, depending on who your post is targeting

Sign up Publisher:
Sign up Advertiser:

Forwards to advertisers

Do you get a campaign offered by an advertiser? Send the advertiser an email telling them about LinkPizza, referring to your MediaKit and linking to the advertisers registration page. Check out this example email which you could use.

Sign up Advertisers:

Automatically via the LinkPizza script or the plugin

Do you have the LinkPizza Script} or the Plugin installed on your website? Then a normal link to LinkPizza is sufficient and it automatically tracks who registers via your website.


Bekijk hoeveel vergoeding je krijgt voor het aanbrengen van een nieuwe gebruiker en welke voorwaarden daarbij horen:

Registered user Conditions Commission
Affiliate or publisher
  • The registered influencer has registered at least 1 lead via our affiliate system in the first 90 days after registration.
  • The influencer is approved for LinkPizza.
  • The influencer has a professional website.
  • Discount code and cashback channels are not included.
  • The influencer is an affiliate: external links to shops (affiliate advertisers) can be placed.
  • The registered channel contains recent and unique content.
  • The influencer has a completely filled in media kit with at least one product offered.
  • The channel is connected (Google Analytics and / or LinkPizza, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter).
  • A website has at least 10,000 views. Social media channels must have a minimum of 3,000 followers or subscribers.
  • Subdomains such as or are excluded.
  • The advertiser is looking for content.
  • The company details are completely filled in and verified.
  • Has an approved campaign.
Advertiser with revenue
  • The advertiser conditions described as above.
  • The advertiser has generated €500+ revenue.