Facebook influencers

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Benefits of Facebook influencers

Your message will be very visible on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook business page and do you post content on a regular basis? Then there’s a big chance your target audience won’t see this content due to Facebook’s algorithm. As Facebook would rather have you spend money on ads. Collaborating with Facebook influencers is beneficial because they are able to reach your target audience on a daily basis. And if this matches with your target audience, then you’ll receive immediate advantage of this reach!

Reach the right target group in a very precise way 

By using Facebook influencers, you can reach the right target group in a very precise way. Whether you’re looking for cooking enthusiasts, young mothers, cyclists or travel buffs, you’ll reach them through Facebook influencers! 

Your message translated in the right way

Creating Facebook content which reaches your target audience is an art form. And luck has it that Facebook influencers are experts and making content that has an impact. Put the experts to work and have your message translated into content that works. 

What can Facebook influencers mean to your brand?



A post on the influencer’s Facebook page. A post can consist of text, images, video’s and links.



A post about a product or service in which the influencer reviews it, shares experiences and if possible, recommends it. A review can consist of text, images, video and links.

Win- actie


A promotion in which the influencer’s followers have a chance at winning a product, service, or experience. Participants have a shot by leaving a comment for instance. Giveaways are very suitable to realise a large reach with a lot of engagement.

‘ In the current (hospitality) market where leisure events are becoming a more important segment to your strategy, my opinion is that influencer marketing is the way to reach your target audience and ultimately can make the difference in having an event be successful or not.’

Arjen de Ridder Testimonial

Arjan de Ridder

General Manager at Apollo Hotels

Benefits of LinkPizza

Large network of influencers at your fingertips

Stop searching for hours and find Facebook influencers with only one simple click. Using LinkPizza makes collaborating with Facebook influencers twice as fast!

Collaborating with professional influencers

All influencers have a controlled reach and have been verified to guarantee quality. Save time and only be put in touch with influencers who are willing and are used to working with brands.

Achieved results transparent in real time

The reach and engagement per Facebook campaign is collected, checked and shown in real time in your campaign overview. No fuss calculating the ROI of your campaign.

The right target audience

Select influencers easily based on reach and topic so you’ll connect with the right target audience.

Effortlessly manage multiple collaborations

Collaborate with multiple influencers at the same time and make separate agreements about price and content. All in one simple platform.

Efficient, scalable and measurable

In other words: working with LinkPizza makes using social media influencers for your campaign an effortless and professional experience.

A look at the quality of the Facebook influencer


We streamline influencer marketing and make it scalable and measurable

How does LinkPizza work?

Our Facebook influencers

Hundreds of Facebook influencers are affiliated with LinkPizza. See which Facebook influencers are a good fit for your brand. 

Facebook influencers rates

Average price per post (breakdown according to number of followers)

Frequently asked questions

There are over 250 Facebookers affiliated with LinkPizza. Moreover, more join every day.

In LinkPizza, you can indicate which requirements the influencer has to meet before they can respond. Think about: how many followers they have, what subjects they create content about and how many views they need at least. Only the influencers who meet your requirements can respond. This way, you can be sure you’re working with the right people.

Finding and approaching influencers on Facebook can be very time-consuming. Besides, you can’t always tell immediately if they’re open to a collaboration and how professional they are. With LinkPizza, influencers come to you, because they respond to your request with a proposal through a campaign. You can also be sure that their statistics are reliable.

On the platform, you will be taken by the hand, step by step, so you can properly brief the influencers. Based on your briefing, the influencers get to work. They know their target group like the back of their hand, are experienced content creators and will make sure that your campaign is a great success.

LinkPizza makes sure you can collaborate with many influencers quickly and easily. You can find suitable Facebookers for almost every budget. On our subscription page, you can read which subscription is best for you. 

We recommend a pro-subscription, so you can enter into unlimited collaborations and use our marketplace.

At LinkPizza, we approve the Facebook influencers that meet our quality requirements. These include: at least 1,000 followers, recently posted content and at least 40 live posts.

Within LinkPizza, you can collaborate with Facebookers in two ways: you can let them pitch an idea and quote for your request, or you can select them yourself in our marketplace. 

Use our pro subscription if you want to use the latter option.

We certainly can. We can manage the entire campaign for you, from drafting the briefing to evaluation. 

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for campaign management.

The amount per collaboration lies between 50 and 400 euro’s on average and is dependent on the reach of the Facebook influencer. 

Depending on the number of influencers you want to work with, you will save about 50% time on average. Among other things:

Influencers find you and respond to your campaign. No more hours searching for them on Facebook. 

All communication and previews of the collaboration happen in one place. You know exactly which influencer has already created, submitted and posted their content.

No more statistics retrieval and collection. All campaign data is available in real time in your dashboard.

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