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Content marketing
for influencers

Write and promote authentic content for advertisers via your channels.

For influencers & publishers

Enter your websites and/or social media, pitch on one of our campaigns and start earning money with sponsored content.

Why content marketing?

Your opinion, followers and visitors are valuable for advertisers. Take storytelling off the advertiser's hands and inform your audience with unique content.

How it works

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Advantages for influencers

Transparant price

Determine your desired compensation and negotiate with advertisers. Optimal clarity about the price.

Save time

Use your MediaKit to easily pitch for campaigns or use automatic affiliate links while maintaining your own links.

Earn money

Receive a fixed or variable compensation for your unique content and promotion.

Control over content

It's up to you to decide which campaigns to pitch for or which affiliate links to place in your content.

Large network

Make an impression on our thousands of advertisers.

Broad & niche

Not only for influencers with a long reach, but also for bloggers who serve a niche.

Up-to-date MediaKit

Save time pitching, use our up-to-date MediaKit to easily pitch for campaigns.

Free use

Subscription is free and you receive the complete compensation for your content. Publishers don't pay any commission.

Target audience and demographics

Fill in your MediaKit to provide advertisers insight into the demographics of your audience.


"LinkPizza keeps me focused on creating authentic stories that truly add value for both the advertiser and my followers. Their manageable and flexible platform saves time which I can use for making beautiful content."
Angelique Vlieg

The largest content and influencer marketplace of The Netherlands!


GDPR Ready

LinkPizza and ReadyGDPR have developed the solution for publishers that lets them verify their compliance after implementing changes suggested through a questionnaire.

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