Advertising in podcast
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Advertising in podcast is the new way of advertising that now perfectly matches the desire to reach specific actively bound listeners. Which is measurable and a lot cheaper than TV and radio advertising. Especially if you use Linkpizza, because with us you can negotiate the price. Which often saves 30%.

Advertising in a podcast can be done in several ways. From a sponsored (series) episode(s) to part of the episode with possibly a give-away action. You then also offer the podcast creator a way to give something back to his audience.

Why advertise in a podcast?

There are several reasons why you would choose to advertise in a podcast:

Targeted reach: Podcasts often have a very passionate and engaged audience that is often around a specific topic or niche. This makes it an excellent way to present your brand to a specific audience.

Longer lifespan: Podcasts can be downloaded and saved, making the lifespan of an ad longer than, say, a television or radio commercial.

Higher engagement: Podcasts are often listened to during an activity, such as walking, exercising or doing household chores. Listeners are often more engaged and more likely to respond to the ad than when relaxing in front of the TV.

Cost-effective: Podcast ads are often cheaper than other forms of media advertising because the costs of production and distribution are lower.

Authentic: Podcast hosts often have a personal relationship with their listeners, and this can be used to give ads an authentic and trustworthy feel.

Measurable: There are several ways you can measure the performance of your podcast ad, such as the number of downloads, the amount of time listeners spend listening to the ad and how much traffic is sent to your website.

Growing medium: Podcasts are a rapidly growing medium and a great way to be at the forefront of new trends and developments in media advertising.

Linkpizza Links Advertisers to Podcast Makers

Types of ads for in a Podcast

There are many ways to advertise. From an entire episode to a small part in the podcast

  • Sponsoring the episode
  • Preroll | 20- 30 sec beforehand
  • Midroll | 20-30 sec in between
  • Endroll | 20- 30 sec at the end
  • Branded content | +- 2 min of discussing as topic in the episode | can be scripted
  • Social Media | Visual translation of the campaign into an Instagram post/story or product placement on YouTube

What does an ad in a podcast cost?

Because the podcast market is still fairly new, it is fairly diverse in terms of prices. Shows with BN-ers and/or specific niche cause prices to rise fairly quickly.

  • 1.000 – 14.999 listeners | € 15 / € 100
  • 15.000 – 49.999 listeners | € 225 / € 1.500
  • 50.000 – 99.999 listeners | € 750 / € 5.000
  • +100.000 listeners | € 1.500 / 10.000

The ad will also appear regularly on the podcast’s social channels once you agree with us in the platform.

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