How much do collaborations with

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Save time; quickly find relevant influencers

Find relevant influencers quickly and efficiently; influencers who meet your requirements and want to collaborate will respond to your campaign.

All our influencers have been quality checked. Only 40% of the registrered influencers are being approved.

Transparent rates and the most competitive prices

Every influencer in LinkPizza has a media kit containing fully transparent rates for a collaboration.

When influencers respond to your campaign, they often offer an extra favourable rate. Even 28% lower than the regular rates.

Check the influencer statistics in advance

Compare the prices and statistics of influencers in advance. Influencers will give an indication of the expected results.

By estimating in advance whether a collaboration will be successful, you will achieve a better ROI.

“At LinkPizza you get professional help to get the most out of your influencer campaign.”

Sander Vessies

CEO Giftomatic

The value of an influencer post

The value of an influencer post depends on the type of content, the reach of the influencer and the specific target group.

Type of content

The time spent by the influencer on producing a post varies per channel and content type. The more time it takes to produce the content, the higher the rate. A dedicated YouTube video about your brand takes more time than a short mention in a vlog. The implementation of the collaboration also influences the rate: a video recipe from a food influencer with your product takes more time than posting a product photo.

At LinkPizza you can collaborate with the channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and websites.

Reach of the influencer

Just like with all other media; the greater the influencer’s reach, the higher the price. Influencers from all categories are affiliated with LinkPizza, they can be classified based on the number of followers or unique visitors per month:

  1. Brand lovers: 250 to 1.000
  2. Nano influencers: 1.000 to 10.000
  3. Micro influencers: 10.000 to 50.000
  4. Mid tier influencers: 50.000 to 150.000
  5. Macro influencers: 150.000 to 500.000
  6. Mega influencers: 500.000 to 1.000.000
  7. Celebrities: over 1.000.000

Influencer engagement rate

The engagement rate says something about the involvement of the target group. The higher the engagement rate, the more active the followers will be and the greater the impact of the influencer’s content. The chance that an active follower will take action because of a post is therefore much greater. Brand lovers and nano influencers usually have a higher engagement rate than influencers with a larger reach.

The engagement rate is indicated in the media kits of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels. This way, you will know exactly how actively an influencer’s followers respond to the content posted.

Go for the certainty of a good ROI on your influencer marketing campaign and start with LinkPizza today.

Frequently asked questions

By deploying a platform, you make influencer marketing efficient, scalable and measurable. No more searching for relevant influencers, they will respond to your briefing themselves. You save time, and often money as well. Due to the market forces in the platform, on average you pay 28% less than the media kit rates. You also remain in charge of the content of your campaign and whom you work with. Still need help with your campaign? Then our experts are ready to spar with you or to assist you. Afterwards you will receive the real-time results, so you will have more time to set up the next campaign.

You will save at least 50% of your time by using LinkPizza for your influencer marketing. You no longer have to look for relevant influencers yourself, they will come to you with a proposal. In addition, all communication goes through our platform, so you no longer have separate emails or DMs. You also no longer have to request statistics, because these can be followed in real time via our dashboard. Finally, we arrange the invoicing: you will receive a collective invoice every week for the partnerships you have entered into. We pay the influencer as soon as the collaboration is completed.

Every influencer within LinkPizza is checked manually by our experienced team. We apply strict quality requirements and check, among other things, whether they have at least 250 followers, have recently posted content and whether their engagement rate is good. We also look at the quality of the posts and the responses.

We certainly can. We can manage the entire campaign for you, from drafting the briefing up to the evaluation.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

LinkPizza ensures that you can quickly and easily collaborate with many influencers at the same time. There are suitable influencers for almost every budget. On our subscriptions page you can read which subscription suits you best.

We recommend that you take out a Pro subscription so that you can enter into unlimited collaborations and make use of our marketplace.

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