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The benefits of YouTube influencers & creators

Reach millennials and generation Z

Does your brand target young people? Then YouTube influencers cannot be missing in your marketing strategy. In the Netherlands, more than 80% of YouTube viewers belong to the age group of 15 to 25 years.

Create your presence with creative content 

A dedicated video or part of a vlog? YouTubers will bring your brand or product to the attention of their viewers in a creative way. They know their target group like no other and will be able to make the perfect translation of your message.

YouTube influencers as brand ambassadors

YouTubers are real story tellers and have a loyal audience. Work together with relevant YouTube influencers who will represent your brand enthusiastically. Their followers will quickly feel connected to your brand.

What can YouTubers do for your brand?


Dedicated video / shout-out

A YouTuber can draw attention to your brand in two ways. With a dedicated video, the entire video is committed to your brand. When your brand is mentioned in part of the video, this is called a shout-out. For example your brand can be part of a vlog. YouTubers produce the content themselves and post it on their YouTube channel.



An (unboxing) video about a product or service in which the influencer reviews it, shares the experience and recommends it where possible. By combining reviews with a discount code, the collaboration can generate extra sales.

Win- actie


Together with an influencer you can start a giveaway, allowing his or her followers to win your product, service or experience. Contestants can participate by, for example, tagging friends or following a social media channel. Giveaways are often used to achieve a wide reach with a lot of engagement.

“Our smooth collaboration with YouTube influencers is an efficient way for Wish to reach customers with the right demographics. Moreover, the service and response time of the team is great.”

Hetty Matthijssen

Regional Social Media Manager Wish

Benefits of LinkPizza

Big network YouTube influencers within reach

Stop searching for hours and hours and find influencers with one simple click. With LinkPizza you make collaborating with influencers twice as fast.

Working together with professional influencers

All YouTubers have a controlled reach and have been checked for their content to be sure you’re getting 100% good quality. Save time and only get in touch with influencers who are willing and used to partner with brands

Achieved results made transparent

The number of likes and reactions per campaign collected, checked and displayed in your campaign overview. No hassle calculating the Return of Interest of your campaign

The right target audience

Influencers themselves will find your brand! Easily select YouTube influencers based on reach and category in order to reach the right target group.

Easily manage multiple collaborations

Work with multiple YouTubers at the same time and make separate agreements about price and content. Everything displayed on one simple platform

Influencer marketing effortless and professional

In other words: working with LinkPizza makes using YouTubers for your influencer marketing campaign an effortless and professional experience.

Insights in the qualities of the YouTuber


We streamline influencer marketing, making it scalable and measurable

How to start your campaign using LinkPizza?

Our YouTube influencers

Hundreds of YouTubers are affiliated with LinkPizza and new influencers are joining every day.

Get to decide which influencers fit with your brand based on reach and category.

YouTube influencer rates

Frequently Asked Questions

In total there are more than 138+ YouTube channels affiliated with LinkPizza. In addition, new channels will be added daily

In LinkPizza you can state which requirements the YouTuber must meet before they can respond. Think of: the number of subscribers they have, the subjects they create and to what extent the target group does connect.

Finding and approaching YouTubers can be very time consuming. In addition, you can’t always immediately see whether they are open to collaboration or how professional they are. Within LinkPizza, influencers approach you directly to by responding to your campaign with a proposal. You can also be sure that their statistics are reliable.

That’s the beautiful thing about working together with YouTube influencers; These are experienced content creators who know better than anyone how to convey your message in a creative way to the desired target group. Share your briefing, select the right influencers and they will do the rest for you.

LinkPizza makes sure you will be able to collaborate with influencers, fast and easy. There is a suitable influencer for almost any budget. On our subscription page you will find out which subscription model works best for you.

Advice: we recommend you to take out a pro subscription which gives unlimited access to collaborations with influencers plus use of our marketplace.

Every influencer within LinkPizza is manually checked by our experienced team. We apply strict quality demands and check for example whether they have a minimum of 1.500 high-quality followers, whether they have posted content recently and whether their engagement rate is satisfying. Also, we are looking at the quality of the posts and the reactions.

At LinkPizza, you can work with YouTubers in two ways: you can ask them to pitch an idea and price proposal, or you can select them yourself at our marketplace.

Advice: make use of our pro subscription if you want to use the latter option

Yes, that is possible. We can manage your entire campaign, from writing the briefing to the evaluation.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

The amount per partnership is on average between €100 and €750 and depends on the YouTuber’s reach

Time saver 1:
Finding the Right Influencers Easily. No more hours of searching the internet.

Time saver 2:
Finding YouTubers who actually want to work for a brand. Imagine when you finally found a good influencer all by yourself and they are not responding.

Time saver 3:
Discussing over the content and price: nice if that is clear in advance

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