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LinkPizza is great for advertisers!

Create unique content, written and promoted by influencers on their own channels.

For whom?

More promotion for your brand, website or product, made and distributed by influencers? Start a campaign now.

Why content marketing?


Publishers make authentic content and create awareness for your brand in the language of their audience.

Visibility & promotion

Build your brand and increase brand awareness with relevant content for your audience and let the publisher promote it.

Awareness through channels

Branding and content marketing via the various channels provide the first touchpoint click in the purchase funnel.


Sponsored content is ideal for mobile, because there is little space for irrelevant banners.

Adblock proof

Sponsored content is tailored to the influencer's audience and can't be blocked by ad blockers.

Qualitative traffic

Our publishers deliver qualitative long-term traffic. Create articles and sponsored content to inspire your audience.

"For us the 1st touchpoint is the most valuable, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, etc. In every additional touchpoint, the conversion chance grows. The 1st touchpoint is therefore the hardest and the most valuable."
Jelle Oskam
Global affiliate manager Adidas

How it works

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Advantages for advertisers

Save time and money

Select from categorized publishers and influencers, make your bid and pay only on placement.

Insight into results

Manage your campaigns and measure the performance at a dashboard, by using a measurement of all articles placed.

No administration

Save time and money on payment and processing of all deals. Let us do the administration and billing.

Biggest network

Use the biggest content platform of the Netherlands. Find specific niche influencers and publishers.

Public & private campaigns

Publishers pitch for an open campaign or invite publishers privately.

Reach & Domain Authority

Select publishers, websites and influencers based on their reach and Domain Authority via the Moz-ranking.


We measure how many times articles are being read. Reads are qualitative views of an article that last 15 seconds or longer.

No fixed fees

Pay only on placement, we charge a small fee over every placement.

Validated users & stats

Validated users and statistics measured on the basis of our measuring code and/or Google Analytics.



This is a selection of the influencers working with us:


Hearst Hearst 850k
Het heetste zakennieuws van Quote. Alles over business, lifestyle, Quote 500, miljonairs,...


Eef Kookt Zo Eef Kookt Zo 176.9k
Dol op koken, bakken & fotografie 🍴3 x per week een nieuw artikel


Wonenonline Wonenonline 64.3k
Alles over wonen, verbouwen, financiën, tuinieren


Aranka Haverkamp Aranka Haverkamp 63.9k
byAranka is een persoonlijke girl next door blog met een trouwe achterban.


Mannenmedia Mannenmedia 230k
Online Voetbal Lifestyle magazine dat je op de hoogte houdt van de nieuwste voetbalschoene...


Hearst Hearst 1.6m
Het platform voor de zelfverzekerde, leergierige, spontane millenial. Cosmopolitan biedt a...

LinkPizza is great for advertisers!

Start today: set up campaigns and select influencers who promote your brand with their content.

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Get a complete overview of the best performing articles, links and influencers on one dashboard.


The largest content and influencer marketplace of the Netherlands!


LinkPizza is great for advertisers!

Start today: set up campaigns and select influencers who promote your brand with their content.

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