Benefits of Instagram influencers

Creative content that catches on with the target audience 
Instagrammers know exactly which content works for their target audience. Because they know their audience through and through, they know how to make the proper translation of your message. The result? Social media content with impact!
Easily reach a niche target audience

Using Instagram influencers, it is much easier to reach a niche target audience. For example, through food and fashion influencers, mommy influencers or #fitgirls and #fitboys. You can find a fitting influencers for every niche out there. 

Make use of the reach of influencers 

Using influencer marketing on Instagram is a smart way of reaching a large target audience in a short amount of time. The influence of influencers ensures your message will be spread in an authentic and creative way.

Voordelen van Instagram influencers

What can Instagrammers mean for your brand?



Content on the social media channel of the influencer. There are various creative possibilities, such as: Instagram post, carrousel post, story, IGTV (Instagram TV). The influencer produces content and posts it on his or her Instagram channel.



A post about a product or service in which the influencer reviews it, shares experiences and, where possible, recommends it. Reviews are very suitable to ensure extra sales when combined with a discount code.

Win- actie


A promotion where the followers of the influencers have a chance to win a product, service or experience. Participants have a chance at winning by leaving a comment for instance. Giveaways are very appropriate for realising a wide reach with lots of engagement.

Finding the right influencer with ease and
getting the most out of it

‘Not only is it simple finding the right Instagram influencers with LinkPizza, but you get professional help as well in order to get the most out of it. Managing the campaign and negotiating through the platform is all very well put together, which makes it great to do.’

Profile testimonial sander

Sander Vessies

CEO Giftomatic

Benefits of LinkPizza & Instagram influencers

Large network of influencers at your fingertips

Stop searching for hours and find influencers/content creators with only one simple click. Using LinkPizza makes collaborating with influencers twice as fast!

Collaborating with professional Instagram influencers

All Instagrammers have a controlled reach and have been verified to guarantee quality. Save time and only be put in touch with influencers who are willing and are used to working with brands.

Achieved results transparent in real time

The reach and engagement per campaign is collected, checked and shown in real time in your campaign overview. No fuss calculating the ROI of your campaign.

The right target audience

Influencers will find your brand! Select influencers easily based on reach and topic so you’ll connect with the right target audience.

Effortlessly manage multiple influencer campaigns

Collaborate with multiple Instagrammers at the same time and make separate agreements about price and content. All in one simple platform.

Influencer marketing effortless and professional

In other words: working with LinkPizza makes using Instagrammers for your influencer marketing campaign an effortless and professional experience.

Understanding the quality of the Instagram influencer


Stop searching for hours! Let Instagram influencers respond to your campaign
and quickly find the right influencers for your brand.

How does LinkPizza work?

Our Instagram Influencers

Hundreds of Instagram influencers are affiliated with LinkPizza and new influencers join every day.

Based on reach and category, decide which influencers fit well your brand.  

Rates influencers for Instagram

Average price per post (breakdown according to the number of followers)

Frequently Asked Questions

In total, there are over 1,300+ Instagram channels affiliated with LinkPizza. Moreover, new Instagrammers are added on a daily basis.

In LinkPizza, you can indicate which requirements the Instagrammer has to meet before they can respond. Think about: the amount of followers they have, what topics they create content about and how much engagement they need at the least.

Finding and approaching Instagrammers can be very time consuming. Besides, you can’t always tell immediately if they are open to a collaboration and how professional they are. With LinkPizza, Influencers come to you, because they will respond to your request with a proposal through a campaign. You can also be sure that their statistics are reliable.

That’s the beauty of working with Instagram influencers; these are experienced content creators and they know better than anyone how to bring your message to your target audience in creative way. Share your briefing, select the right influencers, and they will do the rest for you.

LinkPizza makes sure you can work with multiple influencers quickly and easily. For almost every budget, you will be able to find suitable influencers. On our subscription page, you can read which subscription would be best for you. 

We recommend a pro subscription, so you can have unlimited collaborations and use our marketplace.

Within LinkPizza, there are two ways in which you can collaborate with Instagrammers, you can let them pitch an idea and quote regarding your request or you can select them yourself in our marketplace. 

Use our pro subscription if you want to use the latter option. 

That is definitely a possibility. We can manage the entire campaign for you, from drafting the briefing to evaluation. 

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

The amount per collaboration lies between 50 and 400 euro’s on average and depends on the reach of the Instagrammer.

Time saver 1: 

Finding the right Influencers. No more hours of searching the internet.

Time saver 2: 

Finding Instagrammers who want to work for a brand: you don’t want to have just found a good Influencer only for them to not respond to your request. .

Time saver 3: 

Discussing the content and price: it’s nice when that’s all clear in advance.

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