Mediamatic Neo Futurist Dinner #17 / April 15th


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Mediamatic is a multi-disciplinary art space in Amsterdam that focuses primarily on the areas of art and science. These are brought together and explores through various art projects, lectures, and workshops. Mediamatic also challenges pervasive ideas around food, waste, and unconventional materials. This helps to further ideas of bio-art and create circular systems. There is also a restaurant on site where you can eat (vegan) food made with these ideas in mind. 

One of the event series that we host is the Neo Futurist Dinners. These are experiential dinners that bring together chefs and artists who create a unique and multi-sensory experience for guests. Our next dinner is going to be at the beginning of May, with the test dinner in mid-April. It will be about invasive species, such as Japanese Knotweed, the many benefits that they hold and the way that we consider them. The three artists creating this dinner are Alaa Abu Asad, Uno Fujisawa, and Asli Hatipoglu. We would love to invite influencers to the test dinner and offer them a small fee, depending on what they have to offer, in exchange for a post about it on Instagram.

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