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Daffee is a tasty beverage from upcycling the date seeds to promote your healthy lifestyle. Daffee is a coffee-like, a 100% caffeine-free, a natural energy booster, full of ions and antioxidants, protein, a general tonic for the body. 

Why did we call our brand First Date? Because at our first date I saw my love at the refugee camp gate after three years of an online relationship. After we settled down here in the Netherlands, we launched our product (Daffee) and the brand (First Date) as partners and lovely couple.

We called our product Daffee, because we created a sub-sector between coffee and tea. Normally, in the production process of dates, the seeds are wasted and thrown away, but the seeds have a lot of benefits! This is especially the case when they are roasted; making a delicious and nutritious beverage.

At FirstDate, we upcycle all those seeds and make a business out of them.

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