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Charlie Dingelstad-Machiels

Charlie Dingelstad-Machiels

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Charlie is de eigenaresse van Op dit platform schrijft zij artikelen over hoe zij ruimte maakt voor Slow Living in haar leven, haar (vele) handgemaakte projecten en alle kleine manieren waarop zij duurzamer probeert te leven. In het weekend drinkt ze graag een ijskoud glas Liefmans


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Hi! My name is Charlie and I'm all about living a natural and relaxed life. I believe that life shouldn't be about owning the fastest car of the biggest house. People (especially young women) should take time to enjoy life, smell the flowers and get sh*t done. I create content about mental health, feminism, nature, home makign and crafting. It's the things that bring me and milions of other young women joy! In february '21 I quit my 9-5 and since then I've been working non-stop to get my creative channels up and running. After starting the Online Handwerk Club on YouTube I've slowly but surely seen my numbers go up. Because of my background in digital marketing I know that I can make Charlingual a place where young women find content catered to their needs. I hope to meet you and your brand soon and start a great working relationship!


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