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Plus Size Fashion and Beauty Blog, with makeup, skincare and haircare reviews by Georgina Grogan.

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Plus Size Fashion and Beauty Blog, with makeup, skincare and haircare reviews by Georgina Grogan.
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A Guide to Disability Home Renovations

a week ago

She Might Be Loved
A Guide to Disability Home Renovations

A Guide to Disability Home Renovations – There are many ways that a property could be renovated for those with a disability. This guide will explore some of the most helpful disability home renovations to consider. Here are many ideas based on various spaces throughout the home. A Guide to Disability Home Renovations Kitchen Renovations Starting with the kitchen, there are many ways that a kitchen can be made more accessible and suitable for a person with a physical disability. Here are some notable renovations to consider: Pull out kitchen taps (i.e. taps with flexible hoses) Single-lever kitchen taps Touch-sensitive kitchen taps Round edges on fixtures, fittings and furniture to reduce injury risk Worktops with wheelchair accessibility* Cabinets with wheelchair accessibility* Climate control with a good thermostat ^ *This may be achieved by lowering your worktops and cabinets. However, other features may be relevant, meaning new worktops and cabinets will make more sense. This can apply throughout your home. Bathroom Renovations Moving on to bathrooms, there are some similar renovations to those to consider for a kitchen, but quite a few different ideas. Here are some of the top renovations to look into for a bathroom: Grab bars and handrails Sinks with wheelchair accessibility Making the bathroom more wheelchair-friendly in general (e.g. increasing space around the toilet) A walk-in bath * A walk-in shower** Taller-than-average toilet Bidet design toilet Suitable and slip-resistant flooring *A walk-in bath with a water-tight door and low step can be very helpful for those with a physical disability. **As for a walk-in shower, one with a low step or no step is worth considering. Further, a walk-in shower should ideally come with an anti-slip base. Bedroom Renovations Moving on to bedroom renovations, here are some of the most stand-out ideas you should consider: A bed of the correct height Ceiling lift hoist Suitable flooring (e.g. vinyl, rubber flooring, or even thin carpets)* Calming hues for those with sensory- or visual-based disabilities Accessible dresser Wardrobe with low-hanging rails Climate control with a good thermostat *Carpets with an ordinary thickness can create an unnecessary challenge to those with limited mobility for wheelchair users to get around. Carpet (as well as other types of flooring) may be unsuitable for those with a sensory-based disability. Living Room Renovations As for a living room, you should consider the following changes: Cover or hide cords * Include sufficient space between furniture if using a wheelchair or walker Locate control switches, sockets, and lights at suitable heights Suitable and slip-resistant flooring Climate control with a good thermostat *You can do this by having cords hidden behind furniture or along some skirting boards. This can help eliminate a potential tripping hazard. Hallway and Stairs Renovations As for your hallway and stairs, look into the following renovations: Stairlift Home lift Handrails and grabrails Ramps Flexible layout Suitable and slip-resistant flooring Other House Renovations Other house renovations you may want to consider include: Low-mounted controls and switches Automatic doors Step-free entry to the property Widened doors Outdoor ramp Step lift Hiring Professionals When hiring professionals for home renovations, whether hiring a builder or a designer/architect, it’s best to obtain quotes from 3+ professionals in each case. The reason for this is that by securing 3+ quotes in each case, you’ll have several options to consider, comparing their pricing, experience levels, and any online reviews or ratings they might have. The ideas discussed in this guide are part of fairly broad lists. Therefore, if you are still deciding what renovations are best for you and your home, you can always chat with a builder/designer/architect for advice.  

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AD 4 Reasons I Love LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

3 weeks ago

She Might Be Loved
AD 4 Reasons I Love LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

I’ve been using LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor for many years now, and I’m always recommending it to everyone. It’s so much easier being able to deal with things purely online and have online consultations. It takes the pressure away if you’ve got a busy day too! I don’t know why others haven’t tried it sooner because I immediately loved it. If you have concerns about going to your GP and would like to try something new, then this may be for you – here are four reasons I love  LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor. So much more accessible Accessibility is key, and you can’t get more accessible than being able to communicate with your doctor and get medical care and advice without having to leave your home. Having to go out and visit my GP surgery in my wheelchair, and then make a separate trip to the pharmacy, can be really physically taxing on me, so being able to have an online consultation is revolutionary, and it was all made even easier by their fantastic online system, it’s so easy to use! This can also help make healthcare more accessible to people who struggle to leave the house because of anxiety, or who might avoid getting medical advice because they are scared and embarrassed about speaking to somebody face to face. LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor Looking after women’s health Going to the doctor is made more difficult by being a woman in many cases, so I have worked hard to find somewhere that I can trust to look after my reproductive health. Whenever I have had concerns relating to contraception or women’s health in general in the past, I have felt uncomfortable or scared about going to my GP, so being able to use the online consultation on LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor was great for getting over that concern. Not only that but they were so knowledgeable about contraception and how it can be used not just for preventing pregnancies but also for managing my periods and how that would affect my body. It felt refreshing being able to deal with something that is usually difficult with such ease and feel like they were prioritising my health and wellbeing as a woman. Minimises the strain on your GP surgery Every GP surgery works a little bit differently, but one thing that they all have in common is that they are under immense pressure. Appointments are often very quick, with everyone at your surgery fighting against a backlog of referrals, requests, and overdue appointments. I like using the LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor because it relieves a bit of the strain on my GP practice, but I am still getting the recommended care so it is just as good as going to my GP. I know I can trust them It feels a little bit strange going to somebody else for your medical care who isn’t your GP, especially when you don’t actually meet the person that you’re talking to, but as soon as I used LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor I felt instantly at ease because of how professional and thorough it is. I feel comfortable knowing that I could go and use it again if I wanted to get help online fast and easily. It’s no secret that I don’t love going to the GP for so many reasons but having the option of being able to still get healthcare in a more accessible and easy way such as online, really has impressed me I’ve been using it a lot more often!   Have you ever used LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor? Share your experiences in the comments below, I’d love to read them all!

This post AD 4 Reasons I Love LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor appeared first on She Might Be Loved

Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa Review – SpaSeekers

a month ago

She Might Be Loved
Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa Review – SpaSeekers

We’ve always booked via SpaSeekers since finding an amazing deal online a few years ago that I couldn’t believe was quite true. Since then we’ve been on numerous spa trips and always consulted SpaSeekers first. It’s the place I always recommend people to look at and I wouldn’t go elsewhere. I am so happy to have been able to work with SpaSeekers in reviewing a new spa, Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa, which has been updated within the last year! They’ve also given me a discount code for all of you to use, I don’t get anything from you using the code, and I’ll probably be using it myself too! First Impression of Ringwood Hall Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa is located in Chesterfield. A short drive away from our home in Sheffield. It’s quite a beautiful drive with lovely countryside views. Upon entering Ringwood Hall you immediately see its stunning grounds and beautiful buildings. There is a courtyard for the spa entrance that has many places to sit and basque in the glorious grounds before entering the spa. There is a lovely open reception that is very welcoming. An immediate spa smell hits you, and you know you’re in for a relaxing time. The reception has all the beautiful products that you can buy to take a piece of the spa home with you. It all feels very quaint, and pretty, and I would say a boutique cottage feel. The Glass House Brasserie is on the right-hand side and it’s absolutely stunning, this is where the boutique part comes in. It was very luxurious, with high-end design and finish, It really does look like it could be one of those famous cafes in London that everyone uses for Instagram photos. It’s extremely photogenic. We were given our itineraries for the day on a long card explaining all the spa rooms and a welcome drink which was a smoothie shot. It had mango, strawberries, and other fruit, and it was absolutely delicious. The changing rooms all looked to be accessible anyway with all ground floor access, but we used the accessible changing room, which was next door to the spa entrance. Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa is fantastic for those who cannot walk too far as everything is very close to each other, and not a lot of walking at all. In our changing area, we were presented with robes, slippers, and a beautiful welcome gift of Lola’s Apothecary Body & Massage Oil. A very luxurious welcome gift! The Spa You can first see the spa through the Glass House Brasserie and it looks incredible, but you don’t realise just how beautiful the spa is until you enter. It is the most stunning spa we’ve ever seen, absolutely breathtaking. It’s like something out of a dream. With a dark green pool, jet black mirrored ceiling, a plant feature wall, and stunning views of Ringwood Hall’s grounds all around. Although on the smaller side, there is more than enough room to lounge around even when the spa is quite busy. The pool is more for lounging than swimming which I really enjoyed. I always feel as if I’m in the way of the swimmers at other spas, but this one was more for the relaxing jets and jacuzzis. There are three different places to sit and let the jets massage away your problems or simply just enjoy the heat of the pool as it soothes any aches and tension. The heat of this pool would also make it great for hydrotherapy and doing any light stretches and movements whilst in there. There are many different spa ‘cabins’ available, the only one that doesn’t have incredible views is the Blossom Steam Room, this is because it’s in the dark to give you the full relaxing effects. The other cabins, including the Himalayan Salt Sauna, almost make you feel as if you’re outside. We did notice one person sunbathing, whilst using the sauna! Around the spa is a stunning decking with so many different comfy seat options, this opens up in the Summer but if you like the fresh air, you can take a comfy blanket out and snuggle up. The grounds themselves are completely stunning, I didn’t realise on the day but there are actually several different gardens that you can go and explore at Ringwood Hall, great for those who like a nature walk. It is highly emphasised that you should hydrate during your spa day, and so there is a water station that is extremely pleasant. We tried both the cucumber and lemon water, but we decided that lemon was definitely the most refreshing. This was attended to throughout the day, with multiple cups picked up, which really kept that pristine look to the spa. Other rooms include the Herbal Sauna, which is pictured above, the Ice Fountain for cooling off and stimulating circulation between treatments, Experience Shower with tropic warm waters or a cooling mist, and finally, Foot Spas! My mum was rather happy about this. There is an upstairs with a Light and Dark relaxation room and treatment rooms but we cannot do the stairs so we didn’t see these. Afternoon Tea at Ringwood Hall We were so surprised by just how big the spa menu was! Not only did they have a breakfast menu for if you arrived early and didn’t have a chance to eat beforehand, but they also made homemade pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and so much more. All the food we saw looked absolutely amazing. We opted for the Afternoon Tea option which was really tasty! We enjoyed all the different sandwich options with little tomatoes next to them, and the sweet options were a real treat! We could not believe that they had a baby vanilla slice, we are obsessed with them and so is my cat, Anya, so we were laughing so much at the thought of her having one for her size. Other sweet treats include delicious scones, egg custard, carrot […]

This post Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa Review – SpaSeekers appeared first on She Might Be Loved


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