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Hi I am Katarina, Slovakian living in London. My website is collection of sustainable businesses, minimalist lifestyle and creation of capsule wardrobe. Showcasing that sustainable fashion can be very stylish. Having less but better.


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Sustainable Brands, a capsule wardrobe, how to style outfits with a capsule wardrobe. Minimalist lifestyle
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How To Style a White Trainers

a year ago
I’ve been thinking about what I didn’t style yet from the most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe. I pretty much styled all the basics pieces what creates the foundation of the perfect wardrobe, except one, what people think about and are not really sure if it’s their kind of piece to add to a capsule wardrobe. I am talking about white trainers. Have a look at what I wear with my white trainers. Rollneck // Trousers // Jacket // Bag // Trainers How To Style White Trainers There is no doubt you can style white trainers with everything. The white trainers are so easy to dress up or down. Wear them to the office or style them with summer dresses. They look so good with the black pants and sweater that no one even notices you swapped your smart shoes for something more casual. Jeans // Bag // Shirt All-Year-Rounders Yes, white trainers are really all-year-round trainers. If you get them in leather and you’ll take care of them, they’ll last for many years to come. But if you like to swap for a bit lighter option in the summer, canvas trainers will do, they are harder to keep clean but will serve you well especially if you like to wear them with the dresses. There isn’t much to say about white trainers except for the fact that they look really good with anything. Let it proof in the below pictures. T-shirt // Jeans Sweater // Skirt //   Sometimes is better to show you than to talk. And this is one of those posts when it’s easier to show you the collages then to write too much about it. If you like more inspiration please have a look at my other posts how I style the capsule wardrobe or have a look at my Pinterest for more daily inspiration. And if you like what you see don’t forget to follow me on my journey to a better style and simple wardrobe.

What To Wear For a Job Interview In The Winter

a year ago
I think most of us going through the difficult times at the moment. We were locked at home to work from home – what I always wanted, but it is not as amazing as I imagined. We miss personal contact, we need a change or we lost the job. Whatever is the reason, there is a new beginning. But it usually starts with the interview. To keep it as stress-free as possible here are few outfit ideas what you can wear for an interview in the winter months.   V-Neck Sweaters // Coat // Top sold out but dressy top here // Shortsleeve Turtleneck // Shirt // Skirt // Blazer // Trousers // Scarf // Boots // Bag //    What To Wear For a Job Interview In The Winter One of the most popular posts so far was Work capsule wardrobe, but to have that kind of capsule wardrobe we need to get a job and go through interview. What is the most stressful part, at least for me. We have few minutes to impress someone and it needs to be soo good that they give us a job. But let’s be honest, the person doesn’t take only our knowledge, they will judge us what they can see by our overall look as well. I know it’s sad but it’s life. So we need to dress smart, but without overdoing it. We should wear our best clothes but the brands shouldn’t be visible. It can give a wrong impression. Some ‘safe ‘ outfit formulas You will never goes wrong if you wear a smart trousers and a sweater. It is safe combination to get you through the stress. To make a bit of effort wear a nice boots or if you can change from a boots to heels it would be even better. It will lift up your mood and confidence. Or the most classic outfit for an interview is smart trousers and a white blouse. And never wear a red, on the interview it can look a bit too provocative, too harsh. Stick to a neutrals as much as you can. Clean lines are a safe option too. A Bit More Casual If the job nature is more casual keep it simple, but never wear a jeans. I would go for smart trousers and a nice top, or short sleeve knit. If the cleveage is too low, better if you don’t wear it or if you doesn’t have an option wear a scarf to hide the skin. Layers When we talk about looking professional and lovely on the outside, we still would like to be and also we need to be warm enough to bear the winter cold. In this case the layers are the key. Under the top you can wear invisible under top from Organic basics or under the sweater stick the simple t-shirt.  By wearing the blazer on top you will look professional but you stay warm too. Hope this little inspiration gives you more confidence for your important day. I am sure you are the best for the job, and by dressing right you show it to them straight away. I wish you all the best.   If you like more visual inspiration have a look at my other styling posts or Pinterest is great source of inspiration. Or if you prefer not to go through a stressful job interviews and you would like to set up and grow your own business, I have a website for sale. is a startup website, fully set up and ready to add the content with an online products. It will also comes with Instagram and Pinterest account with a some following already. If you are interesting in this opportunity feel free to get in touch, by the comment, DM me or send me an email to As it grows the price will go higher as well. So grab it at unbeatable price. For more info please get it touch.    

Sustainable Brand: Quince

a year ago
It’s been a while since I introduced a new brand. As soon as  I found the Quince I fell in love and I couldn’t keep it to myself. I fell in love with their ethos, to make luxury basic items available to everyone. From now on, everyone can enjoy the highest quality items at affordable prices. It is QUINCE. Jacket // High-quality essentials. Factory direct to your doorstep. Quince was started to challenge the existing idea that nice things should cost a lot. Our mission was simple: create an item of equal or greater quality than the leading luxury brands at a much lower price. An essential sensibility Quince believes in everyday products that you’ll look great in. Products made from high quality, sustainable materials and real workmanship. Products that last wear after wear. No more middlemen Quince revised every part of a traditional retailer’s playbook. They cut out all the middlemen and managed every element of the item’s creation ourselves, including packaging and transportation. Specialist factories are the beating heart of Quince, and they search the world for the best of the best their partnerships. Silk Shirt // Bag // How they choose the factories Quince factories produce for well-known luxury brands Fair wages & sustainable production THEY PARTNER ONLY WITH FACTORIES THAT PAY FAIR WAGES TO THEIR WORKERS AND PRODUCE GOODS IN A SUSTAINABLE MANNER. MANY OF QUINCE FACTORIES ARE ALSO PARTNERS IN LOCAL CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVES INCLUDING QUINCE. Family-run & owned QUINCE PREFERENCE IS FOR MID-SIZED FAMILY-RUN OPERATIONS THAT HAVE EMPLOYED THE SAME WORKFORCE FOR MANY YEARS, BUT WE ALSO WORK WITH LARGER OPERATIONS THAT EMPLOY RIGOROUS ETHICAL STANDARDS. MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY WANT PARTNERS THAT SHARE THEIR VISION FOR SUSTAINABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY AND DELIVERING AMAZING VALUE TO THE  CUSTOMERS. Fair factories QUINCE IS COMMITTED TO WORKING WITH FACTORIES THAT MEET THE GLOBAL STANDARDS FOR WORKPLACE SAFETY AND WAGE FAIRNESS. V-Neck Sweater // Bag //  High quality, radically lower price The end result: Quince goods are incredibly high quality, made in a sustainable way, and sold at radically lower prices. They hope you’ll compare the products with any premium branded ones, and see why the customers rate Quince so highly. Everyone should be able to afford nice things QUALITY SHOULDN’T BE A LUXURY. QUINCE IS PROUD OF THEIR MISSION TO BRING THE WORLD’S HIGHEST QUALITY GOODS TO PEOPLE FOR AFFORDABLE PRICES. Logistics Quince ship directly from the factory to you, reducing the carbon footprint of getting goods to the final destination. Quality is more than materials TRUE QUALITY IS A COMBINATION OF PREMIUM MATERIALS AND HIGH PRODUCTION STANDARDS. Quince innovating to make unreal prices a reality THEIR UNIQUELY DEVELOPED FACTORY-DIRECT MODEL LET THEM OFFER EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH-QUALITY GOODS FOR MUCH LOWER PRICES THAN THE COMPETITORS. Always a better deal QUINCE BELIEVE IN REAL PRICE TRANSPARENCY FOR BOTH THE CUSTOMERS AND FACTORY PARTNERS. THIS WAY, EVERYONE GETS A BETTER DEAL. Quince focus on the essentials FROM THE PERFECT CREWNECK SWEATER TO HOTEL QUALITY SHEETS, THEY’RE ALL ABOUT HIGH-QUALITY ESSENTIALS THAT BRING ENJOYMENT TO DAILY LIFE. Materials Quince team is working hard to use sustainably produced materials when possible, like an Organic Percale Sheets, Organic Cotton Towels and Organic Linen Collection. Silk Dress // The Quince promise Every Quince product is guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality standards of leading luxury brands. If you’re not completely satisfied you’ll get a full refund.    
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