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How to Bring the Wow Factor into the Home

a year ago
*This is a paid guest post.

From the moment you enter someone’s home, you start to understand a little more about the people who live there, whether that’s through their crazy choice of colour, vibrant artwork or perhaps they have a captivating scent that filters through every room. Whatever it is they have in their homes, it’s something you’ll remember and think of every time you think of that person, which is why having the wow factor in the home is a goal for many. It’s always nice to have someone say ‘wow’ when they enter your home, even if your style isn’t to their own personal taste. Having key decorative touches and design elements can really bring the wow factor to your interiors, continue reading to find out how.   
Statement Pieces

If you’re looking to create a ‘wow’ feel in an instant, then having certain statement pieces in the home will certainly help you to achieve this. Statement pieces could be anything from a brightly coloured piece of artwork in the hallway, a grand piano sitting proudly in the living room or even a chandelier hanging above the island in the kitchen. Key pieces that stand out from the crowd and make a clear statement, helping to enhance your décor whilst telling a story too. Every piece of décor in the home reflects you in some kind of way, so make sure your statement pieces are something you’re proud of! Take a look online at these stunning chandeliers to get an idea as to how you can transform your ceiling area in an instant, making a clear statement from the moment anyone enters the room. 

Drama with Colour
Adding drama to your interiors is very easily done with the right choice of colour, especially if your interiors are fairly neutral and toned down. Opting for a bright feature wall can instantly draw the eye and bring the wow factor to that room, just like a vibrant pair of curtains or an eye-catching rug will. If you’re going to play around with colour, don’t be scared to go bright and beautiful. These touches are the ones that will really draw attention and create that unique finish for your home. 

A Homely Scent
Whilst it may seem like something people overlook; the scent of your home is crucial to creating that wow factor. If you enter a space that smells beautiful and instantly catches your attention, then you’ve managed to create an impact. Having a home that smells divine and sticks in people’s minds is a great sense of the wow factor, whether you light your favourite Jo Malone candles daily or you opt for a stunning fabric conditioner, you can create a lovely scent for your home that people will always comment on. 

Pieces of Art
As mentioned above, having the right artwork pieces in the home can really add the wow factor to any space. Artwork is personal and exciting, telling a story and adding character to the room so it’s always beneficial to introduce a bold piece of artwork to capture that ‘wow’ feeling. You can find some incredible pieces of art both online and at local galleries, so it’s always worth having a good look around for something that makes you feel good. You’ll know you’ve found the right piece when every time you look at it you'll think ‘wow’.
  What do you do to bring the wow factor into your home? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my home content? My Dream Kitchen

Loungewear Picks from 206Clothing

a year ago
  You should all know by now that I love loungewear! I mean, who doesn't after the year we have had, so today I'm back with another loungewear post, this time in the form of my top loungewear picks from 206Clothing   206Clothing is a small fashion business ran by a lovely gal called Francesca who started the brand in the first UK lockdown. She stocks a range of cosy, comfy loungewear that can also be worn as everyday clothing. You can check 206Clothing out over on Instagram where she posts lots of customers photos, hosts lives and does giveaways. If you fancy buying anything you see in this post or anything else they stock then you can use my code LUCY10 for 10% off your order.       My first two picks are two pieces I actually own, thanks to a giveaway I won over on their Instagram. It's these amazing wetlook leggings and this lovely baby blue hoodie.
Although the wetlook leggings probably aren't classed as loungewear, I'm still including them in this post as they are one of my favourite items and they definitely need a mention. They are high waisted, which you should know by now are my favourite type of bottoms. As the name suggests they are wetlook leggings. I always love these type of leggings and trousers as they really stand out and make an outfit pop, and because they are black, it means they can be paired with pretty much anything else to make any fab outfit! 
  The hoodie is your basic, plain fleeced hoodie. It's a super cosy piece and it's oversized which makes it even cosier. Perfect to lounge around at home or layered under other jackets in Winter for an extra-warm, fab look.   Wetlook PU High Waisted Leggings (Black)  Baby Blue Plain Fleeced Hoodie

My next two picks are technically the same item just in different colours. I picked the Columbia sweatshirt in pink and lilac because I absolutely love both colours. They also have it available in blue too, if that's more your thing! These jumpers look like the perfect loungewear pieces as they are described as fleeced and oversized. I could definitely see myself pairing these jumpers with numerous different pieces to create various styles of outfit.
  COLUMBIA Sweatshirt Jumper (Pink) COLUMBIA Sweatshirt Jumper (Lilac)  

Next up, we have these two amazing pairs of pink joggers. I absolutely love both of these pairs, not only because pink is my favourite colour, but also because I love tie-dye and I love check prints so these are basically the perfect joggers for me. Again, both of these are fleeced and oversized and both have pockets! That is always a great detail to have.
Tie-Dye Oversized Joggers (Pink) Checked Fleece Joggers (Pink)

    For my next picks, I have chosen my two favourite t-shirts on their website. They are both 'Be Kind' t-shirts. The first is in this amazing shade of bright pink with the words 'Be Kind' on in a bold font and the second is a classic white tee with the whole quote of 'In a world where you can be anything... Be Kind'. It also features this gorgeous floral arrangement in the shape of half a heart.
Be Kind Oversized T-Shirt (Candy Pink) 'In a world where you can be anything be kind' Oversized T-Shirt (White)  
Now I've picked another hoodie and another sweatshirt. This time I've picked this lovely lilac hoodie and their This Is My Day Off Sweatshirt in a stone colour. The lilac hoodie is a cropped, zip-up piece and looks super comfy. It's definitely a piece I need to get my hands on. The This Is My Day Off Sweatshirt is again fleeced and is, of course, the perfect jumper to wear on your day off. They also stock it in black, dusty pink and also in navy. Be sure to check out the website for the other colours.
  Lilac Zip Up Cropped Hoodie Day Off Slogan Oversized Sweatshirt (Stone) 

My final picks are another tee and another pair of joggers. This t-shirt is actually one of the first pieces I ever saw from 206Clothing and is something I am still keen on owning myself. It features a hand graphic with a floral centre and the words around the graphic say 'Healthy Body, Sound Mind, Tranquil Spirit' which you can agree is definitely great goals to have in life. The joggers are these super cool, two-toned joggers which are the type of thing I'm always drawn to. I love the 'spliced' or 'split' trend at the moment and these joggers are no exception.
  Daily Wellness Oversized T-Shirt (White) 50/50 High Waisted Joggers (Grey and Black)   
They have many more loungewear pieces on their website so be sure to check it out and let me know below which your favourite piece was that I mentioned in this post as well as what your favourite piece is from the website that I didn't mention. Remember you can get 10% off at 206Clothing using the code LUCY10.    While you are here why not also check out more of my fashion posts?
Femme Luxe Loungewear

Wolf & Gypsy's Ethical Jewellery

a year ago
 *AD - This post includes a gifted item and an affiliate code.   If you've been following my blog for a while now, then you will know that I absolutely love jewellery and love finding new brands to try. This time around the brand I'll be looking at is Wolf & Gypsy. Be sure to read to the end of the post to get my exclusive 10% discount code. 
  Who are Wolf & Gypsy?
  Wolf & Gypsy were officially launched in 2018 by Tori Shay and they are an environmentally responsible and ethical brand. They are a member of 1% For The Planet which means they pledge to donate a minimum of 1% of annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations. Through the membership, they support WWF-UK, Tree-Nation and Plastic-Free Me.    Their name is inspired by Tori's son who is called Rafe which means wolf and gypsy is derived from her love of travel and adventure, thus resulting in Wolf & Gypsy.

When it comes to their products, they only use the most ethically sourced materials. They use recycled silver and gold and conflict-free gemstones for their jewellery pieces and their product packaging is made from recycled materials.   Wolf & Gypsy's workforce is spread across the UK and India and both places have fair practices when it comes to their labour. They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to child labour, forced labour and modern slavery. They ensure that everyone is employed fairly and they implement a strong worker rights policy.       Wolf & Gypsy's Jewellery
The jewellery piece I picked is their Snake Necklace in gold that features this gorgeous winding snake pendant which is hand-drawn. It's an absolutely stunning, eye-catching piece that I've already had a few compliments on. The snake necklace represents rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing and it can be worn alone to stand out or it can be mixed or matched with other Wolf & Gypsy pieces to create a beautiful stack.   A few other Wolf & Gypsy pieces that I really like are their Chunky 1990 Choker, Multi Stone Ring, Scorpion Ring and their Snake Bangle with Emerald Eyes. I'd definitely consider one of these for my next pieces.  
If you are interested in buying anything from the Wolf & Gypsy website be sure to use my code SUNSETDESIRES to get 10% off your order!
Let me know in the comments below if you have bought anything from Wolf & Gypsy and what you picked, otherwise let me know your favourite piece and while you are here why not check out more of my jewellery posts. On Trend: Gold Necklaces
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