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Promote Daisycon and get an attractive reward for every new publisher that subscribes to Daisycon through your media. Why promote Daisycon? - Over 1.600 campaigns - Active throughout Europe with focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. - Take advantage of our fast payments and our unique advance arrangement - Choose between affiliate programs, lead campaigns and CPC campaigns. - There are advertisers from EVERY sector, so you will always find one to match your media. - Since the year 2000 experience with affiliate marketing - Daisycon is the preferred partner for publishers How does Daisycon help to optimize the earnings of publishers? - Helpful tools - Daisycon has a unique matching technology so you get higher conversion rates - Throughout the year our marketing team provides you with interesting incentives and commissions - Real-time statistics available - Publishers are pro-actively supported by our publisher managers and our team of online marketing specialists - Regular updates and blogs about the latest trends and developments Conditions: Keyword marketing is allowed, but not on the brand name Daisycon or the brand name of our competitors. Promotion through games or GPT sites is not allowed. Good luck promoting!

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