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Kamernet.nl With over a 100.000 rooms for rent each year, Kamernet.nl is the largest room network in the Netherlands! On this platform you can either rent a room or let out one or more rooms. To rent or let out a room Kamernet.nl is the place for renting a room of letting out a room. (Private) tenants and room seekers can contact each other through this website. It’s free to register yourself as a seeker, as well as renting or letting out a room. A membership is only required if you would like to respond to an advertisement. If so, there are various memberships available. Because the room seeker and tenant are in direct contact, Kamernet.nl does not charge any intermediation costs, unlike most other room agencies or brokers. The target group of seekers is around 18 to 30 years old (mostly students) and the target group of providers is generally above 18. What does Kamernet.nl do for you as an affiliate? - website with the largest offer of rooms (more than 100.000) in the Netherlands; - clear target; - brand awareness of Kamernet.nl is high among the target group; - the target group is very active in their search for a room; Kamernet is continuously optimizing the website of which you share the benefits! Sign up now to the largest network of rooms in the Netherlands!

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