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Vitaminecompleet affiliate program As a manufacturer and retailer, Vitaminecompleet sells food supplements (vitamins and minerals) to consumers with the aim of improving personal vitality, strength and health. The products of Vitaminecompleet are unique (own brand), inhouse designed, and proven the most natural and affordable of their kind. As an outcome, Vitaminecompleet gets a 9.4 customer rating and 98% of her customers recommends the products and services of Vitaminecompleet to friends and family. With an average sales conversion of 8% with peaks towards 12% (national average is 2%) the recently renewed webshop works as an energetic sales rocket! Benefits of Vitaminecompleet • Own brand with highest amount of natural ingredients and most affordable vitamins and minerals • Free shipping and the delivery box fits your door mail box • Delivered at home within one working day • Personalized customer service Why does the affiliate program of Vitaminecompleet fits you? Vitaminecompleet offers good rates of commission. And as a publisher of Vitaminecompleet you profit more than double. Because the leads combined with the extreme high webshop conversion, these rates rapidly convert to solid fees. Transactions will only be approved when they are done by new customers, transactions done by known customers will not be approved

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