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I just do it ChrisStyle. Hope to inspire you too!

Persoonlijke blogsite vintage geïnspireerd o.a. inrichting en meubels, kleding en accessoires, recepten, kinderen en kinderkamers, kunst, sieraden, boeken, beauty en verzorging etc.

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Christel Tax

Christel Tax

I started blogging to inspire people like me. I write about my vintage lifestyle, home decor, design, food, fashion and beauty and everything other that inspires and suits me. I love true, simple and honest products and also I like a little bit of luxury.



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My ‘Healthy’ Snack Craving

11 months ago

As you probably know I’m a big fan of all natural foods. And I don’t mean superfoods or any of kind of powerfood but just plain, simple and honest products that are healthy (or at least healthier) and tasteful too! I try to eat less additives for quite some time now and got inspired by […]

It is easy being ‘green’, I love natural beauty products.

11 months ago

Today I want to share with you my recent natural beauty finds. While Pinterest is a daily inspiration to us all or at least to me these days……Nowadays I use these pure and simple products on a daily basis, and must say I like them a lot! Great side benefit of these product they are […]

A great way to repurpose ‘old stuff’!

12 months ago

Normally I post on Friday but I just can’t wait to spread the word of repurposing things and ideas I have to maybe inspire you too… I love ‘old stuff’ and I’m always searching the right balance between old and new in my style when it comes to my home or for example my wardrobe. Fitting […]

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