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Cristel Veefkind-Gous

Cristel Veefkind-Gous



Kindle or paper book?

11 months ago

Paper books? Do you still read paper books? It is, for me, amazing to see how many people still read real books in the train. And not just paperbacks but real, thick, proper books. It would not be an option for me. It is simply too bulky and heavy to lug around. I already have my laptop, coffee (extremely important)[...]

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Spring! Best time of the year in the Netherlands

11 months ago

I really like these spring months, April and May. It starts already a bit in March with a bit of luck.        Going trough my photos of this period in the Netherlands show also snow sometimes or very dreary weather but I seem to remember mostly the flowers, the beautiful skies. The fresh, light green leaves. Lambs in[...]

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Haai Alarm!

12 months ago

Niene en Caspian doen mee aan het haai alarm van wnf en zapyourplanet. Ze hebben een eigen actiepagina opgezet.

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