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Klaas Joosten

Klaas Joosten

I'm focused on making the world a beter place by helping to filter out the best information and help people find products and services the really need online.




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SEO down? Tips to solve it!

6 months ago

So you posted a bunch of great articles on your blog and realized that the amount of visitors on you website went down. Last week we received a question about the effect of LinkPizza’s script on your SEO. Answer: no effect! LinkPizza script The LinkPizza script that you installed on your website automatically converts outgoing … Continue reading "SEO down? Tips to solve it!"

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Earn more with your MediaKit

6 months ago

Are you making the most of your MediaKit? If your website is approved by us, it will be displayed in our marketplace. But do you realise the importance of your MediaKit for advertisers? Finalise your MediaKit on your dashboard under websites. How it works Before an advertiser decides to collaborate with you, he compares several publishers based on their MediaKit. He judges … Continue reading "Earn more with your MediaKit"

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LinkPizza and Bloggerlijst join forces

1 year ago

Online media is starting to become more and more attractive for advertisers. More marketing budget is allocated to bloggers every year! The only problem for advertisers is finding the right blogger for them. This is one of the reasons why Bloggerslijst and LinkPizza are joining forces; The transparency of Bloggerslijst is combined with the advertising … Continue reading "LinkPizza and Bloggerlijst join forces"

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