Affiliate marketing boost December

Affiliate content tips to boost your earnings in December

The holidays are just around the corner and due to the current corona measures most consumers will make their purchases online. December is also the month in which decisions are made with a view to the new year. Consider, for example, the switch to a suitable health insurance. As a content creator, the month of December is therefore an important period to properly relate to your followers. This way you can respond to their needs with your content and generate income from this with the help of affiliate marketing. A win-win situation!

If someone makes a purchase or uses a service through your affiliate link, you will receive commission for this. To help you on your way, LinkPizza provides you with tips that fit well with the needs of consumers in the December month. Still completely new with an affiliate? Read our blog about making money with affiliate marketing.

1. Switching health insurance or energy supplier

December is the month in which consumers review their health insurance and energy contract. By taking a critical look at the offer every year, you can save a lot of money. If this ties in with your content or the themes you often write about, you can not only help your followers save money, but you also earn something yourself. The affiliate fee for a switch is relatively high and can yield between € 15 and € 75 per switch. Energy suppliers in particular have a high commission.

For example, you can create a post in which you compare different insurance companies or suppliers or you can take your followers with you in your own switching choice and inspire them to do the same. Affiliate programs of health insurance companies that you could promote via LinkPizza are Independer, Zorgkiezer and VerzekerdbijHEMA. For energy suppliers, these include Vattenfall, Essent and UnitedConsumers.

Tip: find relevant affiliate programs by installing the LinkPizza Chrome extension and search for relevant keywords such as ‘health insurance’ or ‘energy supplier’ in this case. An orange dollar sign appears behind websites with an affiliate program in LinkPizza. Please note: log in with your LinkPizza account after installation.

2. Top affiliate advertisers

Wondering which affiliate programs have the highest approval rates and commissions? These top 8 affiliate advertisers are definitely worth including in your content:


3. Activities for the Christmas holidays

Unfortunately, amusement parks, hotels, cinemas and other fun things to go to are closed. Fortunately, there are still plenty of alternative activities to come up with for the Christmas holidays. You can pay attention to these activities and inspire your followers! 

If you still want to do promote hotels or other public places and want to support these types of companies, you can also share early booking discounts or great deals for 2021. Interesting affiliate programs are for example Booking, Groupon or D-Reizen


4. Christmas cards 

Now that we are less allowed to visit each other, a Christmas card is a great way to show that you are thinking about someone. The design and shipment of your Christmas cards is very easy to arrange via various websites such as Greetz or Vistaprint. For example, you can make a list of your favorite Christmas cards to inspire your followers.

5. Gift ideas for under the tree

With only essential stores open during December, consumers will have to order their gifts online. You can respond to this by posting about original gift ideas or by making a list of items for on your wishlist. Nice web shops for gifts (with an affiliate program of course) are Bol, Douglas, De Bijenkorf, Dille & Kamille, Etsy, Coolblue, Ici Paris XL, HEMA, Hunkemöller, Geeektech and Prénatal.

6. Preparations for Christmas & New Years Eve

Even during the Christmas break in these crazy times, we want to catch up with our family and friends and organize a delicious dinner. Inspire your followers with tips for their dinners and outfit.


Dinners will unfortunately not take place in restaurants this year, but at our own kitchen table! To respond to this, you can share items for a beautifully decorated Christmas table or tips for cookbooks with delicious recipes for the holidays. At web shops such as De Bijenkorf, Xenos, HEMA and Kwantum you will find nice interior items and at Bol you can of course go for a suitable recipe book. Are your followers running out of time to organize the Christmas dinner? Tip the Christmas meal box from Marley Spoon! Or have Albert Heijn deliver the groceries.

Outfit and make up inspiration

Inspire your followers with festive outfits and share your favorite items from fashion stores such as Asos, NA-KD, De Bijenkorf, VanHaren, WeFashion and Nelson. You can use these stores also as a gift idea! In addition, share your favorite beauty products for a beautiful make up look from, for example, Douglas or Ici Paris XL.

Practical tips

Webshop and service choice

To get the most out of your affiliate promotion, there are a number of things you should pay attention to:

  1. Promote products and brands that you personally love and have experience with. Your enthusiasm makes followers more likely to buy a product.
  2. Refer as much as possible to well-known web shops where you can order several different items, such as This increases the chance that your followers will find what they are looking for and make a purchase. Are you referring to a specific product? Make sure that you promote the webshop with the cheapest price.
  3. Choose web shops with an attractive delivery time and keep an eye on the stock. PostNL will have to deal with a lot of pressure, so respond to this by promoting digital services such as streaming services or online orders that can be picked up. This way, your followers don’t have to worry about whether their gifts will arrive on time.


You can easily create affiliate links via our link shortener to share on your socials or use our LinkPizza plugin for automatic affiliate links on your website. Affiliate links can be placed in different spots, depending on the type of channel you use. These are the most used ones:

  • In a (blog) post
  • In the newsletter
  • In the swipe-up of your Instagram story if you have at least 10,000 followers (note: unfortunately this does not always go well because Instagram sometimes removes part of the tracking code, but it often goes well too!)
  • In your bio or
  • In the description of your YouTube video

Those were all the tips! Good luck with your promotion and a Merry Christmas. Do you have any questions? Feel free to send us a chat message!

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