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From 16-11-2017 you can find us at Wander Women!

4 months ago

We 2 Stuffies discovered it was time to start over: fresh and brand new. That’s why we decided to launch a new website and we gave ourselves a new name. Our 1st blogpost at Wander Women is about (our) friendschip. Curious? Do click on the picture above or visit Wander Women online!

Art on the street. Athens, Greece. Part II

5 months ago

About one and a half years ago Anneloes visited Athens, the capital of Greece. She wrote a few posts about her adventures in the capital and one was about the most beautiful street art she encountered on her walks. I just got back from an 8 day trip to Athens and it’s surrondings and I […]

Find secondhand and vintage boutique in Groningen

6 months ago

Janet had been talking about a really interesting looking shop she passed a couple of times when she rode her bike to the centre. Somehow it took us quite some time to finally visit, but the both of us needing new winter coats seemed urgent enough to have a look in late August. Femke, the […]

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