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SAM van Dam

SAM van Dam



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A photographers blog (2)

8 months ago

Spending time on one of the most beautiful islands of the world is something you cannot describe in words. Some beauty just begs to be shown. In photo’s for example. Although they never ever tell you the true story, they at least show you what a camera (in our case of a smartphone) sees. And that is still way more than words can tell. Therefore we decided it is time for a second photographers blog. This time it’s Anne’s turn to show her best…

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8 months ago

New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands… New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands… Steve and I were sitting in the car and Steve was softly uttering these words. The only common thing about them at first sight are the first two letters. The common thing for us at that moment was that all 3 were a potential country where we could go to. ‘Shall we take a daisy and play the yes-no game?’ I asked ‘Perhaps it makes the decision a bit easier…’. It was not even 3 complete…

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What happened in Franz…

8 months ago

Sorry to our English readers; This blog that I wrote 2 months ago on a rainy sunday afternoon when we still lived in Franz Josef is completely written in Dutch 🙂 Het is een doodgewone zondagmiddag in Franz Josef Glacier. Of beter gezegd: Franz, want waarom zou je moeilijk doen als local. De kerkdienst ging niet door. Dat gebeurt hier af en toe. Soms komt het door een reparatie of is de sleutel kwijt, maar vandaag kwam de dominee niet. Gewoon zomaar niet. De…

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