Influencer platform

Influencer platform

What does our influencer marketing platform mean?

For many companies, influencer marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy. But if you just started with influencer marketing, or want to use it on a large scale, it can sometimes take some searching. So choose LinkPizza and make it as easy as possible for yourself.

LinkPizza is the largest content and influencer platform in the Netherlands. When you register yourself on our platform, you will quickly connect with your target audience through the millions of reach of our 5,500+ influencer channels.

It works as follows: You place your campaign briefing (which we create together) in the platform and the influencers who meet your requirements can sign up. Then you select the most ideal influencer(s) for your product or brand.

The benefits of an influencer marketing platform

  • With influencer marketing you reach a specific target group, making the campaign usually more effective than other forms of marketing;
  • You can easily find the right influencers in our marketplace for your campaign;
  • You have the opportunity to negotiate the price with the influencer;
  • By collaborating with influencers, you receive a lot of creative content that is of high quality;
  • You manage all campaigns and collaborations in one place;
  • The results you achieve with your campaign are measurable and directly visible to you;
  • We handle the invoicing for you.
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Choose the subscription that suits you

Discover all the ins and outs of influencer marketing on our influencer marketing platform and let our experts help you manage your campaign. Choose from a variety of subscriptions and select the plan that best suits you, your business and your budget.

“Influencer marketing can make the difference in an
successful or unsuccessful event!”

Arjan de Ridder

General Manager The Harbour Club

For companies & agencies

Using influencer marketing platform for your business

Choose talented influencers to promote your brand to your target audience. With us, you can choose from more than 5,500 social media channels of validated influencers. You create a campaign briefing on our influencer marketing platform to which interested influencers can respond. Do you mutually agree on the work and rates? Then the chosen influencer will start promoting the content for you via his or her website, blog or social media. The results of the campaign are clearly visible in your personal dashboard at any time of the day.

For influencer, creators & publishers

Influencer yourself? Make smart use of our influencer platform too!

Do you often share interesting and quality content through your socials and have built a nice audience? Would you like to earn money from this by working with companies? Then sign up on LinkPizza and work for the coolest brands on a fee and/or product basis. You will be notified when interesting and relevant campaigns are available for you. In addition, your own media kit is visible to potential clients 24/7. Register with us for free, link your socials, complete your media kit and apply for approval. 

Influencer marketing platform: examples

Are you curious which brands and influencers have gone before you in creating a campaign through our influencer marketing platform? Then check out some examples below.

Also interested in the possibilities of our influencer platform for your product, service or brand? Then sign up as a company and choose the most suitable subscription for you.

Are you an influencer yourself and want to do collaborations with companies? Sign up here and easily create your own media kit.

Fast, efficient and measurable: start your campaign today and receive the first pitches within hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will save at least 50% of your time by using LinkPizza for your influencer marketing. You don’t have to search for relevant influencers, they will come to you with a proposal. In addition, all communication goes through our platform, so you no longer have to deal with separate mails or dm’s. You no longer have to ask for statistics, because they can be followed in real time via our dashboard. Finally, we handle the invoicing: you will receive a weekly collective invoice for the collaborations you have entered into. We pay the influencer as soon as the collaboration is completed.

Every influencer within LinkPizza is manually checked by our experienced team. We have strict quality requirements and check, among other things, that they have at least 1,000 followers, have recently posted content and that their engagement rate is good. We also look at the quality of the posts and comments.

We can manage the entire campaign for you, from drafting the briefing to evaluation. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

LinkPizza allows you to quickly and easily collaborate with many influencers at the same time. Suitable influencers can be found for almost every budget. On our subscriptions page you can read which subscription suits you best.

We recommend that you get a Pro subscription so that you can make unlimited collaborations and use our marketplace.