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Get proposals from influencers and websites
Get proposals and/or select influencers and websites on the marketplace yourself
Get proposals and/or select websites on the marketplace yourself
Get proposals and/or select influencers and websites on the marketplace yourself
€ 250,- per campaign

€ 270,- quarterly

or € 900,- yearly

€ 1.080,- yearly
€ 3.480,- yearly
Number of campaigns  
Pay per campaign or take a subscription where multiple campaigns can be placed during the subscription.
Commission on collaborations  
All amounts within LinkPizza include commission. Of the agreed amount, 70% goes to the creator and 30% to LinkPizza. If creators receive a product or service, LinkPizza charges 30% commission on its consumer value. With an Enterprise or SEO subscription, the split is 85% / 15%.
A collaboration with a physical/digital product, service or shopping credit as compensation.
Affiliate compensation  
A compensation to the influencer based on measured clicks and sales when the influencer uses an affiliate link from an advertiser with an affiliate programme affiliated to LinkPizza.
Get proposals  
Getting proposals (short motivation, price and content deliverables) from influencers that match the campaign terms and conditions.
Negotiate in the platform regarding fees, content and number of deliverables with influencers and websites.
Validated influencers  
Influencers in the marketplace rated for quality (content, engagement and followers) by an Influencer Manager.
Social channels  
Available (social) channels within the plan, with which to collaborate.
User Generated Content (UGC)  
Campaign to retrieve User Generated Content that the advertiser can use in its own marketing.
Marketplace access  
Access to the marketplace with filters and detailed media kits.
Inviting influencers  
Select and invite influencers through the marketplace based on a price and content proposal.
Users per company  
Multiple users of a company with their own account and subscription.
Campaign duration  
Duration of a campaign during which the influencer and advertiser can enter into a collaboration.
3 months  
Renewal per 3 months is possible. See more prices.
equal to subscription
equal to subscription
equal to subscription
Marketing goals  
The campaign's communicable marketing objective.
brand awareness, engagement, findability, conversion & UGC
brand awareness, engagement, findability, conversion & UGC
findability & linkbuilding
brand awareness, engagement, findability, conversion & UGC
Briefing check  
Consulting and optimising the briefing under the guidance of a Campaign Manager before the campaign is published.
Campaign promotions  
Bringing a campaign to the attention to relevant influencers through a mailing and social media posts.
Evaluate proposals  
Selecting influencers to collaborate with based on their proposal and media kit.
Automatic invoicing  
Automatic invoicing to the advertiser and payment to the influencer.
Chatting with influencers  
Chat with all infleuncers and/or website owners at once in the platform and/or indiviually within the campaign. Both when negotiating and content reviewing.
Content review  
Approving previews and finals giving the advertiser control over the content that goes live.
Content statistics  
Statistics of a collaboration retrieved through the link or manually submitted by the influencer with screenshots as proof.
Reviews by influencers and advertisers that can be given to each other after the collaboration ends.
telephone, chat & e-mail
telephone, chat & e-mail
telephone, chat & e-mail
telephone, chat & e-mail
- Public campaign  
Being able to share a campaign with influencers outside our platform.
- Maximum budget per collaboration  
Maximum price at which an influencer can propose a campaign.
- Excluding influencers  
Exclude previously rejected influencers or influencers that have been collaborated with for a new campaign.